Ellen DeGeneres and Drew Barrymore's 'Oil and Water' Relationship Resurfaces Amid Backstage Controversy

Ellen DeGeneres and Drew Barrymore are well known to have an “oil and water” type relationship. That term, coined by In Touch Weekly back in 2017, was tagged as reports of a rocky back-and-forth began to surface from their time working together. With the talk show host all over the headlines amid The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s toxic workplace claims and a bevy of allegations, this relationship is being placed back in the spotlight.

The two linked up for an NBC series called First Dates that followed couples going through the ups-and-downs that come with that first time going out. DeGeneres served as an executive producer with Barrymore narrating. In Touch Weekly noted that they feuded over the direction of the show with DeGeneres wanting to be the one to call the shots but Barrymore claiming she deserved more creative say since her talent was the one in the forefront. The series ended up just having one season but was not short of backstage drama.

Back in 2014, the two also shared an awkward moment after DeGeneres called Barrymore “fat” while coming on her show as a guest. The move was rationalized by the host who said everyone complements a woman for looking pregnant so she decided to go a different route with someone she felt could laugh at it. The actor didn’t seem to take offense to it, but the video has trickled back into the spotlight among a slew of other awkward or even rude moments that were seen in past interviews. Another example of a resurfaced clip is an interview between DeGeneres and Priyanka Chopra following her wedding with Nick Jonas. The two went back-and-forth about whether or not the host was invited to the big day as the conversation ultimately saw Chopra claim one was sent and DeGeneres never responded.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has seen a handful of producers and employees walk away from the show amid claims of sexual misconduct, including Ed Glavin. Since the allegations and the rampant amount of negative remarks about experiences on her show and dealing with the host, DeGeneres provided a statement detailing how when she first launched the program, her goal was to create "a place of happiness" but has become disappointed to see that that has not become the case. WarnerMedia even launched an investigation into the show. Despite all of the reports, DeGeneres is set to return as the host when the the show debuts its 18th season on Sept. 9.