Ellen DeGeneres' Awkward Wedding Chat With Priyanka Chopra Has Different Feel Amid Backstage Controversies

The Ellen DeGeneres Show episode featuring the host welcoming Priyanka Chopra on set for an interview to discuss her wedding with Nick Jonas gained a lot of attention at the time of its airing. Fast forward a year and that interview is picking up some attention, but this time for a different reason amid the backstage drama that has seen several show employees step away from the program.

In that discussion between the two, Chopra talked about the couple's multi-day wedding in India. DeGeneres brought up the fact that she was not invited to the wedding as the topic of the guest list came up. Chopra said it was a much smaller wedding than a typical one in the country, which can see up to 1,000 attendees. DeGeneres would go on to joke with her about herself not being included in their big day, to which Chopra quipped back, "We were so offended that you didn't even respond to our invite, though." The host denied anything was ever sent as Chopra continued to infer that one was delivered, joking that her and Jonas, who has a connection with DeGeneres as she was once his landlord, didn't feel they were "good enough for Ellen." She added that, "I was very offended for him, honestly. But I'm just the wife. I don't really know anything." The conversion ended there, but looking back on it, the interview takes on a different light.


Allegations have come out that the show had a toxic environment, one that contained sexual harassment among producers and a laundry list of awkward and uncomfortable situations. None of the serious claims have directly tied to the host, though a handful have hinted at her being difficult to work with or embracing the diva role. One of these claims was that producers would prep guests before going out to talk with DeGeneres to shower her with compliments and build up her ego. More and more old videos are resurfacing however, one of which sees the host chastising a young translator during an interview. This, too, was from a 2019 episode. Another recent claim that has popped up over the past few days was a former audience member explaining how the host would occasionally snap during commercial breaks, noting that what viewers see on the screen is her just playing the part of a character and not actually who she really is.