Donald Glover Teases 'Atlanta' Seasons 3 and 4 Will Be 'Some of the Best TV Ever Made'

Actor and rapper Donald Glover returned to social media on Friday, teasing plans for new music and the return of Atlanta. The acclaimed FX series has been in limbo since 2018 when its second season finished. Atlanta Seasons 3 and 4 will feature some of the best episodes ever created, Glover wrote, adding that The Sopranos is the "only ones who can touch us."

Glover's first tweet Friday morning was praise for Angela Barnes Gomes, a first assistant director on Atlanta Season 1 episodes, created the viral "Get Your Booty to the Polls" ad campaign. She wanted Glover to rap in the commercials, but his brother Stephen Glover "is a better rapper," Glover wrote. Next, he made a big promise for Atlanta. "While I'm here: 'Atlanta' s3+s4 are going to be some of the best television ever made. Sopranos only ones who can touch us," he wrote.

Glover also teased his next music project. "Last music project was probably my best. But the one coming will be my biggest by far. Listen to 'New Ancient Strings' outside," he wrote. "New Ancient Strings" could be the title for the next album or his next song. Glover raps under the name Childish Gambino and released his most recent record, 3.15.20 on the website Donald Glover Presents on March 15. The record played on a loop for 12 hours before the site was taken down. The album was then released on digital streaming platforms on March 22.

Atlanta launched in September 2016 and instantly received critical acclaim. Glover won the Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for the first season and was nominated in both categories for Season 2. Both seasons were nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy. FX renewed the show for a fourth season in August 2019, before Glover could even start work on Season 3.

Season 3 is expected to be set partly in Europe, picking up where Season 2 left off, with Earn (Glover) and rapper Al (Bryan Tyree Henry) heading off to tour overseas. In September, FX chief John Landgraf confirmed the coronavirus pandemic forced a delay in production. That means Season 3 will not debut in January 2021 as hoped.


"One of the things that's been an unexpected boon from COVID-19 is that writers have had a lot of time to write, so Donald Glover and his intrepid team … have written everything for Season 3 and 4," Landgraf explained, reports TVLine. "However, the availability [of actors] has been pushed back because of the [pandemic]." Season 3 will run 10 episodes, while Season 4 will have eight. As for a fifth season, Landgraf said that would be completely up to Glover.