'Dexter' Season 9: Rumored Character Return Debunked

Dexter Season 9 is just a few months away, with production currently underway in Massachusetts. [...]

Dexter Season 9 is just a few months away, with production currently underway in Massachusetts. Fans know Dexter Morgan himself, Michael C. Hall will be back, with returns of characters like Jennifer Carpenter's Debra Morgan becoming more and more likely. However, one reported return has already been debunked. The rumored return in question involved Yvonne Strahovski's Hannah McKay, Dexter's love interest in the final season of the Showtime serial killer drama.

In the Season 8 (and then-series) finale, Hannah flees the U.S., escaping to Argentina with Harrison, Dexter's son with late wife Rita Bennett (Julie Benz). Dexter was supposed to join them but decided to fake his death instead. However, with Dexter returning for a ninth season (which Showtime is technically billing as a standalone series), Hannah would be one of the most likely characters to come back.

Fans thought Hannah's return was official when Massachusetts news outlet The Republican posted photos of a woman on the Dexter set that their team identified as Strahovski. However, fansite Dexter Daily swiftly debunked the sighting. The woman The Republican identified as Strahovski looks similar in one picture, but the follow-up clearly showed she was a member of the production crew. Furthermore, the woman in question had a different hair color than Strahovski.

At this time, there has been no indication that Hannah will be a part of Dexter's new season. However, she could still pop up on set later down the line. Furthermore, she could have appeared in scenes shot outside of the public's purview. Only time will tell.

The only confirmed character coming back is Dexter himself. He'll be joined by a ton of new characters, such as a villain portrayed by Clancy Brown, in a snowy setting. However, Carpenter was seemingly seen on the show's set. This points to the actress reprising her role for the new episodes. While her character died in the Season 8 finale, Dexter frequently shows dead characters as hallucinations in Dexter's mind. This would be an easy way to maintain the Dexter canon while bringing Debra back into the fold.