'Descendants 3': What Happens to Cameron Boyce's Carlos in His Final Movie

Descendants 3 was the final movie Cameron Boyce filmed before his death, and gave fans one last chance to see him play Carlos. Unfortunately, Boyce did not have any songs in the film or a single moment to show off his talents. His character, the son of 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil, survived his latest adventure though.

Warning: Spoilers for Descendants 3 follow!

In the new film, Mal (Dove Cameron) and Ben (Mitchell Hope) get engaged, meaning that she will become queen. This frustrated Princess Audrey (Sarah Jeffery), who hoped to marry Ben to lead Auradon. Along with some new friends, the Villain Kids have to stop Audrey after she acquires a powerful weapon.

During this adventure, Carlos is by Mal's side, along with Evie (Sofia Carson) and Jay (Booboo Stewart). However, their roles are secondary to Mal, who needs to muster up the courage to stop Audrey. Carlos took part in many of the song and dance scenes, but he did not have a solo number.

Carlos did have a couple of scenes with Jane (Brenna D'Amico), the daughter of the Fairy Godmother and his girlfriend. Earlier in the film, he gave her a necklace. In their second scene together, after the people of Auradon celebrate Mal's decision to drop the barrier keeping heroes and villains separate, Jane admitted she was nervous about meeting Carlos' mother.

"You're nervous? His mom is Cruella de Vil! I'm petrified," Dude the Dog said.

Fans were happy to see Boyce as Carlos one last time, although some were disappointed about his lack of screentime.

"Can we talk about how Jay and Carlos did not get a single solo song/duet and it’s a travesty??" one person tweeted.

"Carlos got no song," another tweeted.

"Carlos should’ve got more screen time," another added.

Carlos did ultimately get the final line of the movie though. The Villain Kids had one last scene together after the credits.

"Last one over the bridge... is a rotten apple!" Carlos said as the others joined in and raced each other.

That said, there were more positive reactions to Boyce's performance in the film.

Following the film, Disney aired another tribute to Boyce with a montage highlighting his work.

"Everything you are... every smile... every laugh... every dance... every hug... every moment... you mean everything to us," the dedication read.


Boyce, 20, died on July 6 after suffering a seizure in his sleep. Before the movie began, Disney aired a simple dedication to Boyce that read, "For Cameron, who made every moment count."

Photo credit: Disney Channel