'Code Black' Premiere Welcomes New Paramedic Rox Valenzuela

Code Black returned for its anticipated third season with an action-packed episode, and a new series regular.

With Dr. Ethan Willis shifting his focus to field medicine, the doctor finds a new reluctant partner in paramedic Rox Valenzuela (Moon Bloodgood), who fans have mixed reactions about in her debut episode.

As the doctor and paramedic become acquainted, they are interrupted by gunshots and a call for assistance. The doctors head to the scene of an open standoff and treat shooting victims.

Willis watches as the police deploy a smoke bomb into the house where the standoff is taking place, but when the house and police quiet down as they enter the house, the doctor suspects something else is going on and investigates.

Willis and Rox enter the house and find the police officers unconscious.

"This is powdered fentanyl," Willis says.

Rox and Willis race back to the hospital with a little girl who was was shot and poisoned by the fentanyl at the house, and the pair discuss Willis' new role.

"I'm trained for this, you're not," Rox says.

"If I wasn't here this girl would be dead," Willis says.

"You don't know that."

"I do know that, because that's I'm trained for," Willis says.

Later in the episode Willis is frustrated by Rox, who TVLine described as described as brassy and competitive, and someone who doesn't scare easily, after she leaves him behind when she leaves on another call.

In the chaos of the E.R., Willis punches the girl's nervous father who threatened to hurt one of his patients.

Later, Rox talks to Willis about what happened.

"I never saw a doctor hit a patient before," she says. "that guy triggered you."

"I snapped," Willis says.

"No, you're not the kind of guy that snaps."

"Do you want to analyze me or get back out there?"

Rox then reveals she spoke to her supervisor to say she's not O.K. with having the doctor on her ambulance. She says his recklessness in the field could cost them their lives and she's not willing to put herself at risk.

After the chaotic night, Rox sees as Willis consoles one of the residents after he loses a patient, she walks up to him and asks him about his career change.

"Can I ask you something? Why do you want to be out there?," Rox asks Willis.

"Because the most vulnerable time for a patient is the time between a trauma and a doctor. I'm just trying to close the golden hour."

'There's noting simple about you doc... I'm willing to give it another try if you are," Rox says.


Could this be the beginning of more than a professional relationship? We'll have to wait and see.

Code Black airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.