'Chicago P.D.' Reunites Fan-Favorite Couple After Wild Infection Crossover

A fan-favorite couple is getting back together, and fans can thank the deadly infection that affected the windy city during this week's major crossover event. The latest One Chicago franchise crossover brought Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. together for an action-packed three-hour event. The trauma from the deadly episode led many characters to make decisions about their lives. The most impulsive one of all came at the end of the installment, when a beloved couple made the move to possibly reunite after years of being just friends.

Spoilers ahead for Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med crossover event: "Infection"

The crossover event saw as detectives, first responders and doctors worked together to investigate the man-made infection. The investigation led the Intelligence unit on a wild chase to the truth, revealing a disgruntled biologist sought to teach the corporation that pulled funding from his research on deadly bacteria a lesson.

After finding out the news of the budget cuts, the man made his plan to unleash the bacteria on the city and prove a point that his research is important. The act of terrorism reached its conclusion after Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and other researchers found a treatment for the infection.

Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Voight (Jason Beghe) lead the final charge, which ended with Voight shooting and killing the man.

Near the end of the crossover event, Rojas (Lisseth Chavez) asks Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) if they want to go to the bar after their difficult shift. They both decide to go home instead. After she walks away, Ruzek stops Burgess and asks her if they want to spend the night together. She hesitates but then says yes, and the pair leave hand in hand.

Ahead of the crossover, Chicago P.D. boss Rick Eird previewed the two detectives will be having relationship that is very different from the one they had earlier in the show.

"They definitely have a relationship this year that is different than the relationship they had previously," he told Us Weekly. "They are with each other in a different way. I don't want to give it away, but we're really excited about what we have going on with these two."

Burgess and Ruzek first started dating in Season 1 and got engaged. The couple split in Season 3, and have been friends and colleagues ever since. Squerciati said in a 2018 interview she believes the couple is endgame.


"I look it at this way: 'O.K., you go do your thing, Adam, and then come back to me.'... Series finale, they have to get together," she said at the time on the Watch With Us podcast. Flueger agreed, saying: "I don't think that that's ever going to be put to bed entirely."

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