'Chicago P.D.' Premiere Begins With Tearful Goodbye to Sophia Bush

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Season 5 premiere of Chicago P.D. Continue reading at your own risk...

Sophia Bush broke the hearts of Chicago P.D. fans over the summer when she announced that she would be exiting the show ahead of Season 5. Many immediately started wondering what the show would look like without one of its biggest stars.

In Wednesday's Season 5 premiere, it was made very evident that, while Detective Erin Lindsay might not be around, she still has a heavy influence over the show.

The episode began with a heartfelt tribute to Det. Lindsay, showing a quick montage of some of her brightest moments with Voight and Halstead. That footage ended with Lindsay getting offered the federal job in New York, and Voight telling her to take it.

As if this didn't make fans sad enough, Halstead was then seen going back to an empty home, where he used to live with Lindsay. As he grabbed the last couple of things, Halstead found a picture of the two of them, and he was reminded of what he no longer had.

Halstead was obviously the character most affected by Lindsay's departure, but he wasn't the only one. Voight, who basically raised Lindsay, was seen talking with a therapist about her leaving. He said that he really felt alone without her around.

As Season 5 continues, it looks like Lindsay's move to New York will continue to hang heavy over her former team.


New episodes of Chicago P.D. air on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC