'Chicago P.D.' Kills off Kim Burgess' Boyfriend in New Episode

Chicago P.D. returned from hiatus with a shocking death that had major consequences for the city's upcoming mayoral race.

The NBC crime procedural's latest episode, titled "What Could Have Been," found the case-of-the-week hitting close to home after Kim Burgess' (Marina Squerciati) date with campaign specialist Blair Williams (Charles Michael Davis) ends up as the beginning of the Intelligence Unit's latest murder investigation.

The start of the episode found Burgess sitting at a bar and seemingly frustrated as she waited for Blair to show up for their date, which she later reveals she was going to use to break things off with him.

After he repeatedly fails her calls, she calls a friend at a police station to track his phone and finds his cold car in a random street and she begins to suspect something is wrong when she calls him and she can hear his phone down an alleyway.

She follows the sound and finds her boyfriend bleeding out in the snow and still breathing, but the situation does not look good.

After police respond and first responders take the man to the hospital, Trudy (Amy Morton) and Voight (Jason Beghe) attempt to comfort Burgess after the traumatic incident. When Voight gives everyone else assignments for the night, Trudy announces that Blair died in the ambulance, turning the investigation into a murder.

While Burgess seems visibly affected by her boyfriend's passing, the guilt of wanting to break up with him fuels her desire to solve the case along with the team. At first, the evidence seemed to indicate that the campaign specialist — who worked on Brian Kelton's (John C. McGinley) campaign, therefore could affect his chances at winning — was killed as a result of a drug deal gone wrong with a known reverend with a criminal record.

However, Burgess' instincts tell her there is more to the story, and she appeals to Voight that she can find the real reason behind his murder in 24 hours.

The team then finds the known criminal has also been killed, and the crime takes another turn, when the police find a link between the drug dealer and another candidate, Alderman Ray Price's (Wendell Price) daughter.

After some questioning from the team (and then more aggressively from Voight himself), viewers find out Price helped cover up the overdose death of one of his daughter's friends after she sold her drugs. When Blair found out about it through opposition research, Price's wife killed him in order to keep her daughter's secret safe.


The episode ends in an even more tragic twist, when Price drops out of the mayoral race and takes the fall for Blair's murder to protect his wife. The episode ends with the man being taken into a cell at the station as Burgess revealed to Blair's family that she was seeing Blair, and she would have loved to see what could have happened between the two of them in the future.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.