'Chicago P.D.': Benjamin Levy Aguilar Weighs in on Torres' Backstory (Exclusive)

Aguilar shared his hopes to explore more of Officer Torres' backstory with PopCulture.com.

Chicago P.D. introduced a new face to the Intelligence Unit last season as they were saying goodbye to a major cast member, but fans still don't know too much about him. After guest starring in a Season 9 episode, Benjamin Levy Aguilar was upped to series regular as Officer Dante Torres, beginning with Season 10. Now that the series is in Season 11, Aguilar has been absent the first few episodes, and it's explained that he's been taking care of his mother. He's going to be returning in Season 11, Episode 4, "Escape," airing this Wednesday, Feb. 7, and Aguilar exclusively tells PopCulture.com what could be in store for 5021 Ocean.

With Torres returning from furlough, Aguilar shared with PopCulture that he doesn't know if the series "will dive into his personal life more on this season" due to the fact that there are fewer episodes this season because of the Hollywood strikes. However, he does hope it will happen, adding that he "would love to see them dive into it because I find it fascinating where he comes from."

Viewers already know that Torres grew up in a rough home, raised by his mother, while his stepfather would beat her, and Torres, just a teen, had to call the cops numerous times. He eventually beat his stepfather into a coma and had to serve time in juvenile detention. Even so, that didn't stop him from becoming a cop himself and trying to save those who so desperately need it.

(Photo: Lori Allen/NBC)

As for the rest of Torres' backstory, Benjamin Levy Aguilar brought up how a waterboarding incident was talked about in Season 11, Episode 21. "I would love to see that life and how that plays out in different ways," he shared. "Different relationships like Mia. We have touched on it, but there's obviously so much more along those lines that he is just trying to rearrange his past and make it something more solid with the challenges of that affecting him. That would be interesting."

"I would love to see more of his past," Aguilar continued. "I would love to dive into that because I just find that a fascinating world that we still don't know much about. There's so much more to know. When he talks about waterboarding, how he was waterboarded and all of that, and I'd be interested to see more of that."

It's hard to tell what other storylines will be included and if fans will be able to see more of Torres' backstory, but Wednesday's episode will feature him going undercover for who knows how long. It will surely be exciting to watch. Make sure to tune in to Chicago P.D. on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET as part of NBC's 2024 spring schedule.