'Chicago P.D.': Voight and Miller Might Be Turning Over a New Leaf in Sneak Peek

As One Chicago fans prepare for the return of Chicago P.D. on Wednesday (Jan. 27), executive producer Rick Eid there could be some surprises in store for viewers. Eid opened up about the new developments with Entertainment Tonight, sharing that there could be a new character joining the cast soon.

"We’re really excited about this new character. She will be the face of reform and will require that Voight and his team adhere to 2020 practices and regulations," Eid told ET. "The world is changing. That means Intelligence must change, too. There will be more scrutiny and their methods of policing will need to evolve," he says.

The latest update on the series shows HankVoight (Jason Beghe) and Samantha Miller (Nicole Ari Parker) might be ready to finally get along. The new deputy superintendent who is tasked with bringing in police reform has a tough talk with Voight about how to handle the aftermath of the murder of an officer. Suspicions arise that the culprit is someone who had a grudge against the cop, however, until intelligence can solve the case, everything is up in the air.

Parker spoke with TV Line, foreshadowing what viewers can expect in the new season. “There’s a level of humanity that is going to be part of the solution,” the actress explained. “In order to open a character like Voight’s eyes, he’s got to see the humanity in the people that he’s policing. And for Deputy Miller to be very effective, she’s got to realize that Voight is human, too. It’s hard when you think you’re right to make space for both of those cases.”

In an exclusive preview given to ET, Miller is seen being hesitant about giving a "slain hero" speech until she has all the facts. Though many fans possibly predicted Voight to push hard on her to do so, with the press pressuring her to make a formal statement, he does the unexpected. He decides to understand her point of view. "You should probably hold off on giving that hero speech for now," Voight says, surprising Miller. "We still can't explain some of his movements, so just let me do a little more digging before you put yourself out there." Chicago P.D. returns Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.