'Chicago Med': Will Halstead Struggles With Confidential Informant Duties

Chicago Med's Will Halstead struggled with how his reluctant responsibilities as a confidential informant conflicted with his oath to heal patients.

During Wednesday's new episode, Will (Nick Gehlfuss) seems distracted during a marriage preparation class with Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) when Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) contacts him and tells him he has to get ready to attend an event of Ray Burke's that night. When Natalie asks what happened, Will lies to her and says he has to go and run errands.

At the police station Will is briefed by Jay and an FBI agent who entrusts him with planting a bug at the Ray's house without him seeing.

"You don't think he's going to be suspicious, me calling him out of the blue telling him I need to make a house call?" he asks, the agent assures him it should be fine.

"You're his doctor, this is why it's so perfect. people inherently want to trust their doctor," the agent tells him. Will hesitant, but remains on board for the plan.

At Ray's house, Will is visibly shaking as he does his house call at Ray's house. He distracts the man and his sons as he plants the bug on his couch. He later freaks out to the agent, who tells him not to worry and that the operation went fine, he says he doesn't feel good as a doctor and as a person. He also wonders what he should tell Natalie, but she says he should continue to keep the whole thing a secret.

Back at the hospital, Will is getting a snack at the vending machine when he is confronted by Ray's sons. They were sent to bring him outside, and Natalie watches as he walks out of the hospital.

He gets in the car with Ray and he admits that he has been feeling sicker than he was letting on — a sigh of relief from Will who thought he was being found out. He promises to take more tests, and Ray thanks him for being a good kid.

That night, Natalie confronts Will about lying to her about what happened during the day. Will tells her what happened, saying he feels guilty about what he's really doing there but doesn't say anything about his involvement in the investigation.

Will first found himself in the police department's radar after he was caught in a wire tap admitting he had done a blood test on Ray Burke without reporting it to insurance in exchange for a cheap rate on a wedding venue.


The doctor was confronted by his brother Jay about it, revealing that the man is a gang boss that both P.D. and the federal government have been instigating for month. Will is enlisted to be a confidential informant.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.