'Chicago Med' Major Character Exiting the Show

Fans of Chicago Med already had to deal with almost losing Oliver Platt's Dr. Daniel Charles, and it's been announced that a major character from the show will be exiting this season.

Speaking to TV Guide, series showrunner Andrew Schneider said, "It happens in the first half of the season," which probably doesn't instill a lot of positive feelings in fans.

Additionally, Schneider isn't revealing who the character exiting will be, other than to suggest to the outlet that it's someone significant.

Research into what many of the actors have going on career-wise other than Chicago Med didn't reveal anything concerning that would pull any of the main cast away, but there is a potential clue for one of the reccurring actors.

Mekia Cox has been playing Dr. Robin Charles on the NBC series since season two, but is also appearing in the currently airing seventh season of ABC's Once Upon a Time as Tiana (aka Sabine).

That doesn't necessarily mean she will be the one exiting, but it can be difficult to balance multiple series, so it's plausible that Cox may choose one over the other, effectively leaving open the option to simply allow the character to fully exit.

While at this time there is only speculation as to who might leave Chicago Med, Schneider did reveal that near the end of the current season they will "very likely will have a new character introduced..."


Chicago Med recently came back from their brief winter break and has resumed airing Tuesdays on NBC.