'Chicago Fire' Midseason Finale Reveals [SPOILER] Left the Team

(Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the Season 6 premiere of Chicago Fire.)

During the midseason finale of Chicago Fire, Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) was transferred to the public relations department, even though she heroically risks her life with the team every week.

But did she really have to transfer, or did Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) step in? Did someone else get transferred or fired? We found out in tonight's episode, "Down Is Better." In the end, someone was fired.

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The episode kicked off with the team responding to a fire, with Kidd right in the middle of the action. She even saved a baby, walking through the fire with the child in her jacket. Casey (Jesse Spencer) was really proud of her performance.

After the great work they did out in the field, Kidd gets the news that she's been transferred. No, she's not going to another engine. It's the... Office of Public Relations?

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Kidd was stunned by the news, since she has no experience in PR. Casey said stopping this was above his pay grade. Boden said he would try to convince his higher-ups to stop it. Everyone else in the firehouse was also stunned by the news.

McHolland (Christian Stolte) said there is some good she can do in PR. She can tell the public all about the work they do and how hard it is to do their jobs.

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Later, Kidd gets drunk at the bar, and Severide (Taylor Kinney) takes her home. The two of them kiss just after they walk out of the bar. "Not like this," Severide says as he walks away.

The next day, Kidd wakes up at the apartment with Severide there. Meanwhile, Casey and Boden meet with the superintendent, who revealed that he picked a name at random because he wanted a female cop as the face of the department.

Later, she arrived at the office and was surprised by seeing a cubicle. She is then thrown in front of a room full of reporters to talk about diversity in the Chicago Fire Department. It's very overwhelming for her.

Meanwhile, Casey finds out that Chief Mullins, the same chief who made him a captain, signed off on Kidd's transfer. He confronts Mullins about it and learns that Hope (Eloise Mumford) faked Mullins signature! She came up with a long list of excuses. Boden fires her on the spot. Hope tries to tell Brett (Kara Killmer) that she wanted to help. Brett tells her she ruined a chance to have a great life in Chicago.


In the end, Kidd came back to the team! She only had to spend a single day working for PR. Brett says she feels terrible about what happened, and there's another call for a fire.

But there's one shocking death just before the finale: Dawson's (Monica Raymund) father (Daniel Zacapa) is found stabbed! We'll have to wait until Jan. 4 to see if he survives.