'Chicago Fire' Shares First Deleted Scene of Season 6

The Chicago Fire season premiere wasn't quite as devastating or emotional as many fans expected. In fact, the episode was actually pretty funny. So, it's no real surprise that the first deleted scene from the premiere was of the comedic variety.

On Wednesday, the official Chicago Fire twitter account shared a deleted scene from Season 6 and, thankfully, it was very Mouch-centric.

As we learned in the season premiere, Mouch has been a serious health-kick since suffering a heart attack on the job. The usually-lazy character has been drinking healthy shakes, working out regularly and trying to prove to his co-workers that he's on a better path.

In the deleted scene, his pals are definitely trying to test Mouch's resolve. Many of members of Firehouse 51 started taking bets as to how long he would last on this new diet. The nickname Dead Mouch, which he obviously despises, was also used quite a bit in the scene.

While this one-minute bonus doesn't really bring anything more to the plot of the episode, it's still plenty of fun to watch and laugh about.


The next episode of Chicago Fire is set to air Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.