'Chicago Fire' Premiere Reveals Who Survived the Finale Cliffhanger

(Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the Season 6 premiere of Chicago Fire.)

The Season 5 finale of Chicago Fire left fans breathless, as most of the firefighters of House 51 were trapped in a burning building. The lives of Casey, Mouch, Severide and more than a few others were left hanging in the balance.

Now that the sixth season has finally premiered, we've learned what happened on the scene of that horrifying fire.

Thanks to a gutsy call by Chief Boden, everyone made it out of the building alive.

Just after Casey said goodbye to Gabby over the radio, Boden decided that he had to do something. He had all of the men inside take cover beneath something, and called for the trucks to blast the hoses toward the building. With as much fire as there was, the water was going to come in boiling hot. It was dangerous, and the Chief was aware of that, but he had no other choice.


Once they got inside, both Casey and Mouch were found on the ground, out cold, leading fans to believe they had died. Not long after though, Casey was seen getting the Medal of Valor, and Mouch returned to work with an entirely new diet and fitness plan.

Fortunately, all of the beloved Chicago Fire character survived that devastating finale.