'Chicago Fire': Fans Stunned by Gabby Dawson Cliffhanger

The season six finale of Chicago Fire ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, with the future of Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) hanging in the balance. The last moments left fans breathless.

chicago fire finale dawson
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Dawson and Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) have been the show's constant and heart since it began, but their relationship has started to fray recently. The couple wanted to have a baby, but were having problems. Casey saw this as a chance to have fun together, but Dawson had a more realistic point of view. She wanted to see a fertility doctor, but Casey thought that was too soon.

During the doctor's visit, the doctor explained what was wrong with her uterus. While it might be possible for them to get pregnant, a pregnancy could kill her due to an aneurysm. Despite that, Dawson later told Casey she still wanted to try for a baby.

Later, Dawson was offered a job to help out relief efforts in Puerto Rico. At first she turned them down.

Casey really wanted to adopt, but Dawson said she did not want to go through another process that might end in sadness. Surprisingly, Casey went behind her back and, strangely enough, met an adoption consultant whose last name is "Dawsey."

Dawson was stunned that Casey thought it was ok to talk to an adoption consultant without her. She refuses to adopt, something Casey cannot seem to understand.

The anger boiled over when Dawson and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) went to respond to a bike accident. Brett, still shaken by seeing a woman die before her eyes, walked away when Dawson badgered her for giving her a pair of scissors instead of gauze.

At their apartment, Casey confronted Dawson, listing all the things she has done without him. He loves her too much to let her make the decision to risk her own life by herself. Gabby told Casey she has never changed, and left the apartment.

In the end, we saw Dawson rush to speak with the official who offered her a chance to help people out in Puerto Rico.

Her decision did not sit well with all fans.

"I stick up for Gabby a lot. I know a lot of people get pissed at her, but I like her anyway despite some valid reasons against her behavior, but this is just beyond dumb," one person wrote.

Another fan could not believe she would leave without telling Casey.

Another fan called Gabby "selfish" and sided with Casey.

"My emotions are crazy. Mad about Grissom. Plus wanting to cry with how you left things between Matt & Gabby. Please don't break them up," another viewer wrote.

Although Chicago Fire was picked up for a seventh season, Monica Raymund's return remains in question. That's why she was given a cliffhanger.

According to Deadline, Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide, are the only main stars to sign on for season seven so far. Raymund, Eamonn Walker and David Eisenberg have yet to sign on.

Walker plays Battalion Chief Wallace Boden, who has been hoping to become the new Chicago Fire Department Commissioner. Eisenberg plays Senior Firefighter Christopher Herrmann, who lost a close friend in a fire last week.


Kara Killmer, Miranda Rae Mayo, Christian Stolte, Joe Minoso and Yuri Sardarov joined the show in later seasons, so they did not have to renew their contracts.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC