Charlie Hunnam: Hoda Kotb Ripped for Ignoring 'Sons of Anarchy' Alum During 'Today' Interview

Hoda Kotb is facing serious backlash from fans after she ignored Charlie Hunnam during a recent Today show interview.

The Sons of Anarchy alum and actor Ben Affleck made an appearance together on the morning show to promote their new film Triple Frontier, but Kotb left Hunnam sitting in silence while she focused on Affleck and his personal life.

During the 10-minute clip, Kotb asked Affleck question after question about the movie and only appeared to ask Hunnam one question about working with Affleck.

Many YouTube users took issue with Kotb's interview, noting how she failed to acknowledge Hunnam during the interview to discuss Affleck's history of addiction.

"Really disappointed by this interview. Would've loved to hear more from Charlie! He's a wonderful actor!" One user wrote in the video's comment section.

Another user commented: "Terrible interview! Extremely rude! Why invite Charlie? You acted as if he wasn't there. Do better."

"I thought it was rude to ask Ben does he still love his ex-wife and keep bringing her up like that. VERY RUDE AND EMBARASSING. Its his personal life....let him be. Maybe he DOES NOT WANT TO TALK about his ex. They both have new lives and co-parent just fine. If we care, we see all the articles on it from yahoo and msn anyway. Also I think the other man (Charlie?) was essentially being ignored. No hate to Hoda but there is DEFINITE room for improvement," a third user protested.

Criticism of the interview also reached Twitter, with many fans of Hunnam's taking issue with the awkward clip.

"What a disaster interview! Continuously ignoring Charlie Hunnam who is an outstanding actor himself because she became a fan kid over Ben. Both guys are great in their own way but seriously Hoda needs to learn how to properly interview," one user wrote.

"Just watched Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam on Today show hey Hoda why have both of them on if you only talked about Ben? I could see the upset in Charlie's body language..." Another Twitter user noted.


A third fan commented: "Worse interview EVER! I'm sure Charlie Hunnam is wondering why he even bothered to come into the studio. The interview was to promote Ben and Charlie's new movie. Instead, Hoda spent most of the interview talking to Ben about his ex-wife, kids and addictions, ignoring Charlie."

Triple Frontier is currently in a limited theatrical release and will be made available March 15 on Netflix.