7 TV Shows in Fear of Cancellation This Season

Major networks are wrapping up the renewal/cancellation season by declaring the fate of their final few shows.

But for some, little to no discussion has happened about the future of the series — some new, some old. Other shows that air in the winter won't know their next moves until late spring, leaving fans to wonder what could happen to their favorites.

Taking a look at ratings, stars, plot lines and statements from the networks, cancellation looks probable for a few shows this year. Cross your fingers your favorite isn't on the list, then check them out.


The freshman comedy from CBS looked promising during its first few weeks, when it followed frontrunner The Big Bang Theory on the Monday night lineup. When Big Bang moved to Thursdays, 9JKL's ratings tanked from averaging 1.4 in adults 18-49 to a shaky 0.8.

Another indication that the network isn't confident about the series' future is its new episode order in November. Rather than call for another full season, CBS ordered three additional episodes, bringing the show's total to 16.

Ten Days in the Valley

ABC positioned Ten Days in the Valley as a limited series, but a hit would've likely given the show an extended run. With a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic, things aren't looking positive for the drama.

After four episodes, the network announced it was pulling the series from its weekday lineup and transplanted the remainder of the 10 episodes to Saturday, a traditionally bleak time for viewership.

Great News

The fate of NBC's Great News could go either way. On the up side, NBC favors its comedy series and reviews of the show are mostly positive. Standing in the way of a renewal are the show's mediocre 1.1 rating and its ranking amongst the network's other funny series.

The sophomore comedy was renewed last season after posting similar numbers, so it could scrape by again, certainly with the help of producer Tina Fey.

Marvel's Inhumans

This ABC sci-fi series wrapped up the finale of its first eight-episode season in November and there's no word yet whether their odd advnetures will continue. For Friday night ratings, Marvel's Inhumans was middle of the road, but Marvel universe fans aren't rallying behind the show the way the network hoped.

The Exorcist

Fox resurrected The Exorcist for a season season following a run of low ratings and poor reviews. At 0.6 in the 18-49 demographic, ratings are down 36 percent vs. last season. Even for Fridays, the show is coming in under replacement level.

Once Upon a Time

ABC's Once Upon a Time was once a hit series, with beloved characters reimagined and creative plotlines twisted from viewer's favorite fairytales.

Now, the original cast is nearly all gone and the stories are drifting farther away from the show's original premise. Even creators are unhappy with the show's recent reception and 1.0 rating, leading many to consider the show's seventh season its last.

Wayward Pines

The M. Night Shyamalan supernatural drama has scraped by for two seasons, and though its creator has new ideas for an ongoing story, Fox executives aren’t sure whether to continue.


Wayward Pines saw a strong decline in viewership from its debut to the sophomore season, dropping from a 1.1 rating to 0.7 in the 18-49 demographic.

Photo credit: ABC / Eike Schroter