Canceled ABC Show Returning for Season 11 Amidst Successful Revival

Discovery has ordered two more seasons of the popular robot battle game show BattleBots, giving more life to the formerly canceled ABC series. Prior to its airing on Discovery, the show bounced around first broadcasting Seasons 1-5 on Comedy Central, and Seasons 6-7 aired on ABC. Discovery picked up the show for Season 8, and has built the robotics-centered program to another three seasons since.

In addition to the renewal announcement, the network also shared that the 2021 world championship is still scheduled to take place this month in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets are available now at the Battlebots Ticketing Page. Over 65 teams will make the trip to have their robots battle it out in the new arena in a fight to the death to take home the coveted grand prize: The Giant Nut. The 2022 world championship has also been confirmed for summer 2022 in Las Vegas.

"I can't wait to once again hear the iconic opening words, 'It's robot fighting time!' as announced by Faruq across Discovery platforms," said Scott Lewers, EVP Multiplatform Programming Discovery Factual & Head of Content, Science. "Vegas is one of the few places in the entire world that can match the adrenaline and fun of this competition and I'm thrilled it will be the backdrop to host these incredibly talented robot designers, builders, and fighters."

"Standby Vegas! – the bots are on their way from all over the world," said Trey Roski, BattleBots creator. "This is the most exciting development for the sport; to have a multi-year commitment from a broadcaster is what we've always wanted to enable our talented builders to have time to plan and design even more ferocious and imaginative robots for the future. It's a great day for BattleBots, and we're delighted to have such a supportive partner as Discovery. Since BattleBots started 21 years ago, I've always dreamed that Vegas would be the ideal permanent home for the sport. Now thanks to Discovery and Caesars we're achieving that goal."


"The best builders in the world, the best robot combat action, the most talented production and broadcast teams, the best platform partners in Discovery, and now the perfect host in Vegas – what's not to love about this deal? Our fans will go bonkers! The most entertaining combat sport on the planet is thriving," said Chris Cowan, Head of Unscripted TV at Whalerock Industries.