'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Renewed for Season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for Season 7.

Just a few weeks into the sitcom's run on NBC, the network has renewed it for another turn. According to Rolling Stone TV critic Alan Sepinwall, the show was renewed on Wednesday evening for another season, just over 24 hours before the new episode airs.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine had a roller coaster year in 2018. The show was canceled by Fox in the spring, but was soon picked up on NBC instead. The shuffle made the series miss out on a fall premiere, but it kicked off last month without missing a beat.

The network change was well worth it for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is much more at home there among co-creator Michael Schur's other series. It was also a good investment for the network, judging by the latest ratings.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been flourishing as it never could on Fox, according to The Wrap. It has an average 1.4 rating amongst the key demographic of adults ages 18-49, and an average of 3.918 million viewers per night. This includes one week's worth of delayed viewing on DVRs, on-demand services and streaming platforms.

Still, the numbers are encouraging. The total viewers are up 34 percent from the same time in the show's last season on Fox, and there is still time for it to climb even higher.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine still has three more episodes to get through in its shortened sixth season. Over the next three Thursdays, it will air the last of its inaugural season on NBC, and in all likelihood it will introduce a new twist or cliffhanger to leave fans dying for its next premiere.

When that will be is unclear. Wednesday's sudden announcement did not include details on when Brooklyn Nine-Nine might be back, or whether the show was getting a full season order this time around. Those details are likely coming, but in the mean time, fans are just happy to have the guarantee of more episodes.

"They should have stopped the Cohen hearings to make this announcement," one fan tweeted, emphasizing the gravity of the news.

"They need to get it back in sync for Halloween," wrote another person hopefully.


Of course, many fans responded with their favorite viral GIF from the series — of which there are many.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The series finale airs on March 14.