'Bluff City Law': Memphians Are Rallying to Save Series as Cancellation Fears Grow

Residents of Memphis, Tennessee, are rallying to save Bluff City Law after recent reports suggested that the freshmen NBC legal drama is facing cancellation. The series, starring former Sons of Anarchy actor Jimmy Smits, debuted on the network in September, though it has put up less than stellar ratings. As NBC failed to order more episodes beyond its first 10, fans of the Memphis-filmed series have flocked to social media in a final attempt to save it.

Along with a nationwide urging from fans on social media, the Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission Facebook page has taken to the social media platform to provide fans with information on how to better Bluff City Law’s chances of renewal.

“HERE IT IS! How to tell NBC you want Bluff City Law to return with Season Two! Please see below- and tell all your friends!” the page wrote in an Oct. 23-dated post. “The network Senior VP Marketing just told me this is the best way to make your voice heard!!!”

The post encourages fans of the series to go the NBC’s website, click the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page, select “I have feedback on NBC programming” and write in the message box, “I love Bluff City Law! Season Two, please!” and describe what it is about the show that they love.

Dozens of people have already confirmed that they have done just that, writing in the comments section of the post that they are also encouraging their friends and family members to do the same.

“I will do this and ask all my friends too,” one person wrote.

“Sharing!” another commented.

One person even wrote that they had “texted this info to the mayor and asked him to get others to submit requests for more Bluff City Law.”

The page has also kept fans updated on the series’ ratings. Throughout its multiple-week run, the series has ranked among Monday night's lowest-rated programs and fails to retain much of the audience leading out of singing competition The Voice.

“Great news! According to my conversation today with an NBC network executive, you do NOT have to have a Nielsen Ratings Meter in your home for your viewing to count- IF you watch 'Bluff City Law' on Hulu or an NBC digital platform such as NBC.com!” The Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission Facebook page informed its followers. “Just found out tonight that watching NBC On Demand through Xfinity also counts! So watch “ Bluff City Law” on Hulu or NBC.com or NBC On Demand through Xfinity if you want Season Two!”


The page also added that watching the series “live or as DVR- recorded only counts toward the ratings IF your home has a Nielsen meter.”

Bluff City Law airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Filming on the series is set to wrap in Memphis on Oct. 31.