Watch 'Blue Bloods' Star Tom Selleck and Drew Barrymore Surprise This Family With Incredible News

Back in December, Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck joined co-star Donnie Wahlberg in taking part in the "2020 Tip Challenge" by leaving generous $2,020 tips at their favorite restaurants. In the spirit of that kindness, Drew Barrymore enlisted Selleck to surprise a father-daughter duo when the Magnum, P.I. star appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show last week. Selleck and Barrymore told Luca Di Pietro and his daughter Isabella they will be donating to their Feed the Frontlines initiative, which supports local New York City restaurants.

Last fall, Wahlberg started the #2020TipChallnge by dropping a $2,020 tip at one of his favorite restaurants. Selleck decided to do the same at Elio's restaurant in New York City in November. Selleck, 76, performed his act of kindness in November, but it was not until Dec. 23 that Wahlberg shared what his on-screen dad did. Selleck didn't even talk to Wahlberg about it on the Blue Bloods set at first, Wahlberg told PEOPLE.

"I read an article in the paper about my dear friend Donnie and he left this $2,020 tip... in the spirit of hoping for a better 2020," Selleck told Barrymore. "And I started thinking about it, and I talked to Jillie. I said, 'I guess we can afford it. I'm going to do this." Selleck's wife, Jillie Selleck, agreed, and they picked one of their favorite restaurants to help out. Not to say I'm a magnificent human being, but... restaurants need help," Selleck said. "Even if it's $20 and 20 cents, maybe you can help them out because they're really struggling... maybe as hard hit as anything in this city."

In the spirit of Selleck's kindness, Barrymore was inspired to do the #2020TipChallenge herself, but in a unique way. She brought Di Pietro and Isabella on and first surprised them by connecting them with Selleck via Zoom. That was just the start though. Barrymore and her team doubled the $2,020 tip to Feed the Frontlines. Barrymore said she would personally help out as well, so the total donation would reach about $10,000, the actress said.


"We all want to help, but sometimes we don't know where to go," Barrymore told the Di Pietros. "So I applaud you for leading the charge on this." Selleck told the Di Pietros to "stay well and prosper." He later joked, "That's all Drew. I'm out of money."

Feed the Frontlines NYC is a program where residents can order food to support local restaurants during the pandemic. The organization later thanked Selleck and Barrymore for their support in an Instagram post. "Thank you, [Selleck] and [Barrymore] for allowing our father-daughter co-founders [Di Piertro] & [Isabella] to share our story and spreading the word about how people can support their favorite local restaurants during this difficult time," the post read. You can donate to the program at As for Selleck, you can watch him on Blue Bloods Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.