'Blue Bloods' Star Donnie Wahlberg Teases Fan-Favorite Guest Star's Return

Donnie Wahlberg is always creating buzz for Blue Bloods as it marches through its 12th season on CBS. While his character, Danny Reagan, has had a troubling season at times this year, the show continues to delight its fans.

One way is all of the guest stars that the show welcomes on board. Recently the show featured co-star Tom Selleck tussling with fellow acting legend Stacey Keach, while several have returned for recurring stories. That's where Wahlberg sparked a little loving from fans earlier in November.

The Blue Bloods star shared a photo next to country music legend and Texas native Lyle Lovett in his return to the show. His character, Waylon Gates, first made his debut on the series in 2020 as a Texas ranger that comes to New York to capture the escaped "Lone Star Killer."

Both played off each other quite well in the initial appearance, butting heads during the hunt for the killer before finally earning each other's respect. The episodes just write themselves, especially the part where Lovett's character gives Wahlberg his cowboy hat.

Fans enjoyed Lovett's acting turn in Blue Bloods and hoped the character would make a repeat visit to the Big Apple, which Wahlberg revealed was happening in a post earlier this month.

"Glad to be reunited with this guy [on Blue Bloods," Wahlberg captioned the photo of himself with Lovett. "And when I actually do 'have a boat' again, it's gonna 'go out on the ocean' with all of us and he's invited."

Lovett commented below, calling Wahlberg "the best," and thanked him for returning to the show. He's not the only musician that Wahlberg has teased in recent weeks. Most recently, Wahlberg posted another photo alongside music superstar Jimmy Buffett.


"Looks Rockaway Beach, but it feels like Margaritaville! Having a great time shooting a fun new episode of [Blue Bloods] with the legend [Jimmy Buffett]! What a great guy!" Wahlberg wrote in the caption of the beach photo. It'll be interesting to see where both appearances take this season.