'Blue Bloods': Did Maria Baez Survive a Drug Overdose?

After Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) find a young girl dead after an opioid overdose in tonight's episode of Blue Bloods, they offered to help the narcotics team find out whoever is responsible for the drugs getting out.

Baez suffered an accidental overdose, but thankfully survived.

They arrested a professor (Christian Campbell) who knew the boy after they found fentanyl in his office. Maria barely touched the drug, but it was enough to send her to the hospital, leaving viewers wondering if she survived the overdose until the very end of the episode.

During the investigation, the professor tried to convince Danny and Special Agent Bell (Margot Bingham) that the victim, Dylan, was the seller.

Later, Danny visited Ramirez in the hospital, telling her he can't afford to lose her too. Danny is still dealing with the loss of his wife, Linda, who died in a helicopter crash before season eight started. This gives him even more motivation to find the criminal selling the drugs and making sure she survives.

Danny and Bell spoke with a student about the drugs, Nigel Lewis (Alex Hazen Floyd), who was later found dead from an overdose. His girlfriend said he just went out to the dealer to pick up the drugs.

After the Reagan family dinner, Danny asks Frank (Tom Selleck) about all the terrible things that are happening to him. He heads out to follow up on a lead, Paul Romano (Alex Esola) who tries to escape. Danny finds drugs in the man's jacket.

During the interview, Romano tells them they have no evidence to prove he sold drugs. Danny and Bell tell him that a drug dealer has been convicted of murder, which makes him anxious. They push him to cooperate, which he does. He tells them he obtained drugs from over-prescribed patients.

They found out that the doctor (Nitya Vidyasagar) working on Maria is one of the doctors over-prescribing opioids. Bell started a federal investigation of the hospital on the spot.

That night, Danny fell asleep in Maria's hospital room. His snoring woke her up. She was unconscious for almost a week. She told him to go home, but he refused, saying he wouldn't leave until she gets out of the hospital.

Danny visited the professor, telling him he spoke with a prosecutor about how helpful he was in the investigation. All he asked from him was that he'd get clean.

Thankfully, Baez survived the overdose and the case ended with Danny catching the drug dealer.

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Photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn / CBS