'Blue Bloods': Frank Pushes Erin in Questionable Directions for the 'Common Good'

This week's episode of Blue Bloods saw Erin get in the middle of the political intrigue playing [...]

This week's episode of Blue Bloods saw Erin get in the middle of the political intrigue playing out between Albany and One Police Plaza. Frank wanted her help in convincing New York's governor that he will publicly oppose new police-related legislation, even though he privately supports the measure. Frank insisted his behind-the-scenes machinations were all for "The Common Good," hence the episode's title.

The story involving A.D.A. Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and her father, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) began in Frank's office. Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Baker (Abigail Hawk) were not happy that Governor Melendez (David Zayas) proposed legislation that would strip police officers of their pension for a minor infraction. Moore (Gregory Jbara) played devil's advocate in the argument, noting that it was a move the public supported and could help the department's image. Frank told Gormley and Baker he sided with them, but when they left his office, he dropped a surprise in Moore's lap. Frank knew the legislation was the right thing to do, but it would look like he was betraying the rank and file cops if he supported it publicly.

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Frank hatched a plan. He asked Erin to be his "fixer" and drive up to Albany to explain her father's thinking to Melendez. Erin did not like this idea one bit. At first, she refused to do it and asked Frank and Moore to do it. They said they could not do it. She had to be the one. But then Frank played the guilt card. If she didn't do it, she would "miss an opportunity to act for the common good."

Erin reluctantly agreed to do this, but she stopped by Frank's house to make sure he understood how disappointed she was in her father for asking her to do something like this. She expected her brothers to ask for favors but was shocked that Frank did. Frank insisted this was the only way he could let Melendez know how he feels off the record. Although Frank told Erin she did not have to do this, she drove all the way to Albany and gave Melendez the message.

After Erin's meeting with Melendez, things still didn't go as well as Frank hoped. Melendez's proposed legislation called for all cops who do anything wrong, no matter how serious, to lose their pensions. It turns out Melendez still holds a grudge because of things Frank has said in the past. Melendez decided to see if Frank would really support something as radical. Frank decided he would fight the legislation after all, even after Erin helped! "What happened to the common good?" Moore asked. "Apparently, it's obsolete," Frank replied.

Erin drove all the way up to Albany again to express her frustration with what Melendez pulled. He asked her if she was only frustrated because he didn't give her the D.A.'s job. She chewed him out, though, telling him her family always expects people to trust them in return before storming out of his office.

Later at Frank's office, he told Erin he would never ask her to do anything like this again... unless he needs to. "When did you figure out I didn't last this long without being a saint?" Frank asked. "Long before our lunch the other day," Erin replied. "Fair enough," Frank said with a nod. He said he understood Erin was an "operator" when she went to law school. "But as long as it's for the common good, right?" Erin asked. "Right," Frank said. "Or at least as long as we can still convince ourselves it is," Erin said. Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.