'Blue Bloods': Donnie Wahlberg Gets Back to Work With Marisa Ramirez for Season 12

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg confirmed filming is underway for Season 12 after a photo of himself and Marisa Ramirez surfaced on Friday. The two actors were seen in full detective costumes, with their badges out as they work to solve a case. Blue Bloods will return for Season 12 on Friday, Oct. 1 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

The new photo shows Wahlberg as Det. Danny Reagan, walking with Ramirez as Det. Maria Baez to meet an actor in an officer's uniform, possibly to talk about a case. Wahlberg shared the photo on his own Twitter page, confirming that "we are" back to work. The post drew celebrations from dozens of fans. "Best show ever. Gets keep getting better and better. Bravo to the cast & crew! Reagans ROCK," one fan tweeted. "Can't wait for next season," another fan simply wrote.

Anytime a photo of Wahlberg and Ramirez working together surfaces, there are often questions from fans about a romantic relationship developing between the two. While many fans want this to happen, showrunner Kevin Wade said that isn't in the cards anytime soon. "We recognize it and certainly the actors like each other, in front of the camera and between setups," he told TV Insider in May. "I'm gonna use Sam and Diane from Cheers and really age myself here, but once it happens, there's nowhere to go. There really aren't stories in happy couples and there are definitely not stories in police detectives on the job having a personal relationship with their partner."

The show has also already seen one professional couple turn their relationship romantic with Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray). If Danny and Baez got romantically involved, the producers might have to introduce new characters for them to partner with, and the show already has plenty of characters and only 43 minutes to play with each week.

In March, Ramirez told PopCulture she was happy to have Baez as a part of Danny's extended family, especially after she was invited to the Reagan family dinner table last season. "I'm a part of his extended family, and it's a good place to be," Ramirez told us. "Whether it blossoms into something more, I mean, the possibilities are endless, and I'm sure maybe they would like to explore the possibilities. But who knows? ... Everybody makes different choices. Who knows what'll happen?"


The photo surfaced a few weeks after Blue Bloods executive producer and writer Siobhan Byne O'Connor shared the title page for the Season 12 premiere. The episode is titled "Hate is Hate." "Yep, we're back. Gearing up for episode 1201," O'Connor added in the caption on July 2. In the comments, O'Connor told fans that they were back to filming during the third week of July. She also told another fan that there will be scenes with Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and her ex-husband Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann) this season, just not in the premiere.

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