'Blue Bloods': Danny Reagan to Cross Paths With Major Recurring Character This Season

Blue Bloods fans are in for a big surprise when the series returns, as it's been revealed that Danny Reagan — played by Donnie Wahlberg — will cross paths with a major recurring character. According to Cheat Sheet, Lou Diamond Phillips will be turning up on Blue Bloods again as Luis Delgado, sometime before the season is over. The two men have a bad blood between them, as Delgado was last seen being put behind bars for being involved with the cartel responsible for the death of Danny's wife, Linda.

Philips has been busy in the Fox crime-thriller series Prodigal Son, but will be taking a short break to guest star on an episode of Blue Bloods, per a tweet he shared just before the New Year holiday.

Many of Phillips' fans and followers have since been commenting on his return, with one tweeting back, "Glad you're coming back, enjoyed you on Blue Bloods, but I also enjoyed you immensely on Longmire [as] Henry Standing Bear!"

"So pumped! I love your Character! You and Donnie have awesome chemistry!" another fan exclaimed.

"Looking forward to it! Love you guys together!!!" a third user commented, while one more added, "This is great news! You two are the best together!"

"They can’t keep you! We need you back at #prodigalson," someone else tweeted, to which Phillips replied, "No worries! Staying put. Just a little field trip!"


Linda was killed off of the show after Amy Carlson — the actress who played her — opted not to renew her contract with the series. Since Linda's death, the writers and producers have used the tragic loss as plot and motivation for Wahlberg's character.

Photo Credit: CBS