'Big Brother: Celebrity Edition' and 'SEAL Team' Midseason Return Dates Revealed

CBS has officially revealed the mid-season return dates for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition and SEAL Team.

According to Spoiler TV, Big Brother: Celebrity Edition will return for its second season on Monday, Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. ET; and SEAL Team's spring premiere will happen on March 13.

Additionally, it was revealed that Criminal Minds will not be getting a back-order, which means episode 15 of the season will effectively be the season finale.

This will make Season 14 of the series the shortest one to date, and could be an indication of the network being ready to end the show, though that has not been confirmed.

Criminal Minds has seen its ratings drop this season, with the crime drama averaging less than five million viewers per episode, making it the least watched season of the show. Notably, the show's numbers have been slowly declining since around season 10.

SEAL Team has had similar second season numbers, averaging between five and six million live U.S. viewers over the first eight episodes. The series stars David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Jessica Paré, Neil Brown Jr., A. J. Buckley and Toni Trucks as "an elite unit of United States Navy SEALs."

Earlier this year, Boreanaz spoke with Collider about the show, sharing that while he has a stuntman he actually does a lot of his own stunts. "I do a lot of it. My body doesn't respond and recover the way it used to, but I do 95% of it. I love doing it," he said.

"I walk off with a lot of limping and soreness, the next day, but it's fun. War wounds are good. But I still have a stunt person," he added. "In the pilot, I didn't jump off the bow of the boat on the cargo ship, even though I wanted to. He was like, 'No, dude, you'll break your neck with your helmet on!' So, I was like, 'Okay, I'm all set.' "

He later shared that he was going to be directing an episode of the show (Season 1, Episode 21), and spoke about the differences between directing Bones (his previous series) and SEAL Team.

"It's a different type of show. You're really there with them. I do know that Episode 21 will involve a crash site, helicopter and people injured. I'll shoot it very POV and very real-time. I love real-time contained episodes," he explained. "Episode 10 was like that, setting that tone where you're always up against something because of time. I think our show operates best in real-time. That's something I've advocated for a long time, and we'll see more of that."


"I think that's really the mark of our show, being with these characters, live and in real-time, in their workplace and in their environment. You thread in some personal moments and keep that alive with the characters to drive the plot," Boreanaz added. "I don't like to get involved with plot heavy shows or procedural shows. If you asked me to do Law & Order, that's not me. I'd be so confused. I really would."

The next episode of SEAL Team is scheduled to air on Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. ET.