'Big Bang Theory' Actress Rati Gupta Teases Upcoming Relationship Drama

The Big Bang Theory introduced Rajesh Koothrappali's wife-to-be in early episodes of its final season, but actress Rati Gupta teases their relationship will hit a few speed bumps before the happy ending.

Fans of the CBS comedy series first met Anu (Gupta) during the third episode of season 12, an Indian-American concierge with big aspirations to one day own a hotel. Not wanting to tease much about upcoming storylines, Gupta told PopCulture.com recently that even though the couple has reached a few relationship milestones, the second half of the season will present some obstacles for Anu and Raj (Kunal Nayyar).

"All I'm gonna say is that every relationship, regardless of how it starts, goes through their ups and downs, their trials and tribulations, all that stuff," Gupta told PopCulture.com during a phone interview on Dec. 19. "So, you're gonna see Raj and Anu go through those ups and downs a little bit, because that's how every relationship works."

While she stayed mum on specifics about what kind of obstacles the couple will overcome, the synopsis for Thursday's winter premiere episode, titled "The Paintball Scattering," gave an inkling to a former flame of Anu's bringing on the drama.

"Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) organize a paintball game that results in mayhem when Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is jealous of Amy (Mayim Bialik). Also, Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) catches Anu (Rati Gupta) with her ex-boyfriend and Stuart(Kevin Sussman) doesn't want to move in with Denise (Lauren Lapkus)," the episode description reads.

Aside from Raj and Anu's upcoming relationship troubles, Gupta revealed she is just as eager to find out how The Big Bang Theory will wrap up its run as the second half of the final season begins.

"I wish I could tell you, but I have no idea," Gupta said of what to expect from upcoming episodes. "The actors — I don't know if people know this — but we don't get the script until the day before we start working the show. Or work the episode. So we have no idea of what is happening in the writer's room."

Gupta, who joined the cast of Big Bang Theory earlier this season, also opened up about what attracted her to playing the role of Anu.

"I loved that she was Indian-American," she said. "Most of the women that have been on the show, most of the Indian women who have been on the show, I think all of them, actually, have been Indian-Indian... so for me, I thought it was just really important for the show, and the show's viewers, to see kind of the full gamut of the Indian experience, and the Indian story, so I loved that she was Indian-American."

And aside from not having to do an Indian accent — which Gupta admitted to being "terrible" when she tries to do it — she said she loved playing a confident, career-oriented character.


"She's just very sure of herself... And I think that's a rarity that women get to play," Gupta added. "Someone who's super confident, and kind of doesn't take no for an answer, and is powerful, and tough, emotionally, so that was all fun for me to play, because I relate to Anu on a personal level, and for me to be able to take that onto the screen was important for me."

The Big Bang Theory is back with new episodes Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.