‘Better Call Saul’ Creators Talk Season 4 Plans and More ‘Breaking Bad’ Connections

After AMC renewed Better Call Saul following a stunning season three finale this past summer, co-creator, Peter Gould is opening up about what fans can expect in the show's fourth season.

In conversation with Deadline during the For Your Consideration Emmy panel with actor, Bob Odenkirk and writer-producer, Gordon Smith, Gould revealed what every fan has been wondering — the fate of Jimmy McGill's attorney brother, Chuck, after setting his home on fire in the last episode of season three.

And his sentiments echo what he told the entertainment agency at the end of the season finale, that Chuck is in fact, dead.

"We try not to screw around with the audience where 'you thought it was this, but it's now that,'" Gould said at the FYC Panel. "To build up the way we did and not have consequences, it would be a wet cracker."

While he remained mum on what we can immediately expect without dishing on plot details, Gould shares that there's a "happenstance rule on the show," where bad luck and problems make for great drama.

"We believe that coincidence is tricky, but if coincidence is good for a character, it's problematic. But if coincidence is bad, that's good."

Without diving into anything further, Odenkirk expressed one wish for the show's future, sharing that "We have to meet Lalo."

Fans of Breaking Bad might recall the name Lalo when Saul makes his first appearance on the groundbreaking AMC series, while held at gunpoint by Walt and Jesse, who mistakenly thinks that people sent by "Lalo" were holding him at gunpoint. Saul replies while on his knees, "It wasn't me, it was Ignacio."

"We have to earn our Breaking Bad crossover moments on the show," said Gould.

As for how much more Better Call Saul we can expect, Gould says, "I would rather have it end too soon, then go on for too long."

In an interview with Den of Geek, Vince Gilligan shared that he can't exactly reveal how many more episodes are to go until the very end, reason being, "It's just hard to know exactly."

Gilligan reveals though that there's a finite story being told here, adding that there's one difference in Better Call Saul's finite nature that wasn't there with Breaking Bad.

"There is yet again the possibility of a whole other story to be told through the black-and-white beginnings of a post-Breaking Bad world that we've put at the top of each season," he said. "While I think that there is a definite end in sight for the pre-Breaking Bad story, there still seems like there could be a lot in the post-Breaking Bad world."


Photo credit: AMC / Sony Pictures Television