'Bellevue': Jesse's Murder Investigation Leads to an Arrest

The murder of transgender teen Jesse Sweetland led to an arrest on Tuesday's new episode of Bellevue, but detective Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) does not believe the case is closed.

After finding drugs in Jesse's room, detectives Virginia (Sharon Taylor) and Brady (Billy MacLellan) believe a local drug dealer, Jed Martin (Neil Napier), is connected to the teen's murder.

The suspicion grows when police investigate Jed's house and find Jesse's boyfriend Danny (Cameron Roberts), as well as an Eiffel Tower earring — like the one Jesse was wearing when they disappeared — in the backyard.

Jed at first denies any relationship with Danny or Jesse and asks for a lawyer.

Annie, who was told by The Riddler not to trust Chief Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle), asks Peter about his garage burning down. He claims it was the work of kids and not retaliation for him burning the old shack.

Through flashbacks, viewers learn Annie's father was committed before his suicide, prompted by The Riddler sending Annie her father's old ID bracelet. She goes to the hospital to learn more about his time there. Listening to an old group therapy tape she hears him talking about her. Annie then remembers talking to her dad at the hospital and him warning her about The Riddler.

In the present, Annie hears Sandy Driver's father was also at the group therapy session. Sandy was murdered 20 years earlier and now Annie suspects Neil Driver (Andreas Apergis) could be the mystery man after finding him at the hospital. He's being held for observation due to strange behavior — he hallucinates and is not really there most of the time, doctors tell Annie.

Meanwhile, Peter finds the white truck Jesse was seen last in, burnt by the lake. Turns out the truck was Jed Martin's and he asked one of his dealers to burn it after the police detained him. Jed is arrested and charged with Jesse's murder.

Later, Annie is at her house when the video camera she installs at her home starts acting up, a voice comes from it saying "hello little light." Shocked, Annie unplugs it. The Riddler hacked her security camera.

She rushes to the hospital to see if Neil has access to a computer and finds out he was tormented by a man who gave him one of his old watches stuck on 12:13 — the time of his last argument with Sandy before she disappeared

Annie realizes Neil is not The Riddler but tells Peter she's convinced the mystery man is pointing her in Neil's direction, or to a possible connection between Sandy and Jesse. Jed can't be the right suspect. She then finds another riddle, connecting her dad's bracelet to the watch.

Annie goes into Neil's house to investigate and finds his home clock stopped at 12:13. Neil arrives and confesses the time is a reminder of his last words with Sandy, spoken in anger. He thought Sandy was leaving him forever and he almost hurt her, but she was taken out of the house by a "friend" at the last minute. It turns out the girl who helped Sandy was Jesse's mother Maggie (Victoria Sanchez).

Annie vistis Maggie to ask what happened with Sandy. But broken after her son's death, Maggie screams and says she just wants this to be over. Annie then visits jailed Jed, who claims someone is trying to frame him for the murder — and doing a great job.

Jed confesses that he buried the Eiffel Tower earring. He wanted to memorialize Jesse as his true self, knowing the teen's family would likely bury him in a suit. He then reveals that when Jesse was at his house with Danny, Jesse liked to be referred to as "she."


Annie is certain Jed was not responsible for Jesse's death. She decides to get answers from the only person who can help her, even if it puts her in danger. The episode ends with Annie getting home and plugging in her security camera so she can talk to The Riddler.

Bellevue airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on WGN America.