'Bellevue' Fans Lose It When [Spoiler] Hints at Connection to Sandy Driver's Murder

Just when we thought things were starting to make sense, a grieving mother threw another curveball at Bellevue fans.

Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) made the decision in last week's episode to get answers from The Riddler directly by communicating with him through the security camera he had hacked at her house.

After investigating Jesse's murder further, however, she was not convinced he knew as much as he originally led her to believe.

Annie questions The Riddler, wondering if actually knows anything about Jesse Sweetland's (Sadie O'Neil) murder, or if he's just obsessed with the 20-year-old murder of Sandy Driver. The Riddler confesses that he doesn't know who killed Jesse.

Angry that her supposed source lied to her, Annie decides to trace the video camera signal. She follows the trail to Sandy Driver's grave, where the Riddler left his phone with a text saying, "You're not Crazy."

When she gets home, Annie throws the security camera into the trash.

Determined that Jed (Neil Napier) is not responsible for Jesse's death, but unsure where to go, Annie visits Jesse's mom Maggie (Victoria Sanchez) late that night.

After taking a few pills to numb her grief, Maggie finally opens up to Annie, saying she believes Jesse was killed as retribution for some she did to Sandy Driver before her death. Viewers will remember last week's reveal where Neil Driver said Maggie helped Sandy leave her house the day she disappeared after her father almost hurt her in a rage.

When Annie asks Maggie what exactly she did, the grieving mother passes out from ingesting too may drugs, and viewers see her entering the hospital in a gurney.

Bellevue fans were quick to react to the shocking reveal on Twitter, as well as hoping Maggie recovers from her apparent overdose in order to reveal the truth behind her words.


Bellevue airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on WGN America.