'Bellevue' Reveals Jesse Sweetland's Killer

One of two murders on Bellevue was solved during Tuesday's episode, but the resolution brought a lot more questions ahead of next week's finale.

After finding out about her missing brother Adam, detective Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) was focused on learning more about him, and how he fits into the murders of transgender teen Jesse Sweetland and Sandy Driver's 20-year-old cold case.

The plans changed however after fellow cop Virginia (Sharon Taylor) tells Annie she discovered Jesse's hockey coach's alibi was a lie, and that more than one of the town's leaders might be involved in the coverup.

Annie and the other cops, including Chief Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle), interrogate coach Tom (Vincent Leclerc), who confesses that he picked up Jesse the night he died. Tom reveals he took Jesse to the church so he, Mayor "Mother" Mansfield (Janine Theriault) and Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) could discuss her trans identity.

However, they say the teen walked away from the church and was not seen again until she was found dead.

Elsewhere, Annie tells Peter about her brother. Both of them go to the local bar to see if people recognize his photo, and realize he was working as a dishwasher under the alias Bobby Storm. They search for his record and discover he had been previously arrested for breaking and entering, assault and arson, after spending most of his life in military school.

They head to Annie's father's old fishing cabin to search for clues of where Adam may be hiding. Peter sees smoke close by and discovers the camp site where Adam has been living all along.

Annie then has a flashback from her childhood where she and her brother are playing in a closet at their home. Her mother and father try to open the door and viewers can see a metal ruler blocking it, as Adam acts in a dangerously possessive manner toward his younger sister.

Annie remembers his behavior led to Adam, who was identified as the mysterious Riddler, being sent away. Annie's flashback is interrupted by a call saying her daughter Daisy accidentally fell into the lake where Jesse was found.

The doctors reveal to Annie that the lake has a unique bacteria people are exposed to if they get in contact with the water. Annie assumes whoever killed Jesse would have had to take the same antibiotic Daisy did.

That night, Peter follows one of Adam's clues to the church, where a soup kitchen is hosting dinner for the homeless. Peter confronts Adam, who taunts him with a statement muted to viewers before he runs away, leaving a message hinting at future destruction coming to the town.

The next day, Virginia finds a connection between the police and a man who burned evidence in Jesse's case. Annie hacks into the system and realizes Brady (Billy MacLellan) paid him off.

That night, Annie visits Brady's home and finds him packing for a camping trip. She says she has to go to the bathroom before she can leave and there she finds an empty bottle of the antibiotic. Brady contracted the bacteria from the lake.

With Brady nowhere to be found, Annie searches his garage and finds a white truck — the one Jesse was last seen in before his death. Annie is then surprised by an emotional Brady who, pointing a gun at her, confesses he was also at the church when Jesse got the intimidating talk.

Driving off in the white truck, Brady confesses that he picked up Jesse to comfort him after the priest, the mayor and the hockey coach tried to shame him for being trans. Brady also reveals a shocking secret: He is in love with his sister Briana (Amber Goldfarb).

In flashbacks, viewers see Jesse telling Brady he's nothing like him, along with scenes of Brady trying to kiss his sister after he consoles her after a breakup.

In the present, Brady admits he murdered Jesse to keep him quiet, and now he must do the same to Annie. He parks the white truck on the side of a dark road, gets out of the car and points the gun at Annie, who is desperately trying to escape.


The episode ends with a car running over Brady, pushing him into the white truck's windshield, leaving only his crushed, dead body visible to viewers.

Bellevue will air its season finale Tuesday, March 13 at 10 p.m. ET on WGN America.