Bad News for Canceled NBC Show's Hopes for a Revival

Unfortunately, it appears as though Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist is done for good. While there was speculation that the show would be picked up by another network or streaming service after NBC's cancellation, that might not come to pass. As for the reason behind why Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist won't be picked up, the renegotiating process would be a bit difficult, per Deadline.

Lionsgate Television, the lead studio behind Zoey's, has reportedly been looking to find another home for the series. If they do happen to make a new deal for the series on another network or streaming service, they would have to make new deals with the regular members of the cast, a fact that would make revival talks a bit trickier to navigate. Zoey's cast includes Jane Levy, Skylar Astin, Alex Newall, and Mary Steenburgen. Deadline reported that the cast's options expired this week and were not extended. There have reportedly been discussions about whether Zoey's could be revived as a series, miniseries, or movie. But, none of their leads appear to be close to coming to fruition, even though talks are still ongoing.

It was originally reported that NBC canceled Zoey's three weeks after the Season 2 finale aired (the episode aired on May 16). While the network canceled the show, those associated with the program were hopeful that the series would find another home on television. There was much speculation that Zoey's would be revived for Peacock, NBCUniversal's streaming service. But, those negotiations fell through in June. Still, Austin Winsberg, Zoey's showrunner, shared his hopes that the show would live to see another day.

Winsberg wrote on Twitter, "There is too much love and goodwill and the fan base is incredible." He went on to write that Zoey's would need some help from the fans if they wanted it to continue. The showrunner noted that the "more fan support we can throw behind it - the better." He also urged members of the cast, including Levy and Astin, to share the "#SaveZoeysPlaylist" campaign on social media to spread the word.


Winsberg previously shared his hopes that Zoey's would be picked up by another network or streaming service. In particular, he said that he wants Zoey's to find a home on a streaming platform, as that would enable the production to take on new challenges. He explained, "If we had the ability to not be so beholden to the network runtime, I mean, there are scenes I have to cut every week or songs I have to cut for time. To able to have a little bit more creative freedom and flexibility, there could be great."