Corinne Olympios Confirms Her Return for 'Bachelor in Paradise' Reunion

Just a few weeks after the Bachelor in Paradise incident, Corinne Olympios announced she will be returning for the cast reunion.

"I am very happy to be appearing on the 'Bachelor in Paradise' special," Olympios said in a statement released to TheWrap on Wednesday.

In June, the ABC dating show was temporarily shut down after producers filed reports of sexual misconduct on set between Olympios and DeMario Jackson. An investigation immediately followed the allegations and after a few days, Warner Bros. concluded that no misconduct took place.

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Jackson also revealed that he will be attending the reunion as well.

On June 29, Olympios released a statement that said her team concluded their own investigation into the incident that led to the production shutdown. Although she and Jackson were given the opportunity to return for season four, they both declined the offer.

Bachelor in Paradise is set to return on ABC later this summer.


Photo Credit: Getty / Rich Fury


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