Ashton Kutcher Reaches New Heights to Promote 'The Ranch's Return to Netflix After Danny Masterson Exit

Ashton Kutcher is reaching new heights to promote The Ranch's return to Netflix after the exit of Danny Masterson.

In a clip shared to the actors' Twitter page, he is seen running up multiple flights of stairs with with Ranch co-star Elisha Cuthbert while she asks him a bunch of questions.

"Watch me and [Elisha Cuthbert] race up the stairs at [Netflix]," Kutcher wrote in the post's caption. "New episodes of [The Ranch] drop on December 7th!"

The new episodes that are dropping are the second half of the shows third season, dubbed "Part 5" of the ongoing story.

Notably, these will be the first episodes to air following Masterson's firing by the streaming company, after allegations of sexual assault that had been brought against the actor resurfaced.

Masterson defended himself by refuting the claims, and saying that a police investigation had already determined that he had committed no wrongdoing.

"From day one, I have denied the outrageous allegations against me. Law enforcement investigated these claims more than 15 years ago and determined them to be without merit," the actor stated.

"I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. In this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty," he then added. "However, in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused."

Many of his dedicated fans are still upset by his exclusion from the rest of the series, which some threatening to simply boycott the series going forward.

Not all Ranch fans are tuning out, however, as a number have since expressed excitement over the new episodes.


"I can't wait for new season," one fan commented, later adding, "I watch everything u guys are in I am biggest fan."

Fan can catch up on the first five parts of The Ranch right now on Netflix before Part 6 debuts in a little over two weeks.