Ana Navarro Celebrates New Role as 'The View' Co-Host

Ana Navarro is celebrating her new role as The View co-host, tweeting out that she is "happy" to fill the role.

"Some personal news...starting today, I am happy to be joining the ladies around the table as a Friday Co-host on The View," Navaro wrote in a post on Twitter.

The anti-Donald Trump conservative will be a panel participant during the show's Friday episodes, when panel moderator Whoopi Goldberg takes a break from her lead-hosting duties.

Many of Navarro's Twitter followers have commented on the news, with the majority of them excited to see her on the show more often.

"I will start watching on Fridays," one person commented, adding that they prefer Navarro to View co-host Meghan McCain. "Yes I agree that with others' sentiments re: Meghan. She is not a good fit, just like Megyn Kelly wasn't a good fit for a cheery morning talk show."

"Would love to see you as a permanent host on [The View]," someone else tweeted to Navarro. "We have different POV sometimes, but you very logical and consistent, and don't seem to be speaking for anyone but yourself. I always enjoy hearing your perspective."

"Congrats Ana, now can we add the rest of the days to that," another Twitter user said. "I appreciate your conservative level headed compassionate view points and that's coming from all blue."

The conservative commentator has already begun work on the show, with this week's Friday episode being her first.

She wasted no time sharing her opinion on political and social matters, chiming in about Oprah Winfrey campaigning in Georgia for Democratic political candidate Stacey Abrams.

"Oprah is in a class by herself. So many of us grew up with her in our living rooms day in and day out," she said of the TV host. "What makes Oprah so successful is how relatable she is."


At this time, there is no word on whether or not Navarro's part-time gig on The View could become full-time, but it may be something the show considers if they continue to see an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.