Amy Robach Reportedly Turns Down Offer, Waiting on 'Right Opportunity'

Sources close to Robach say that she was never negotiating with NewsNation and they don't even know where those reports originated.

Former Good Morning America co-anchor Amy Robach is reportedly not taking a new job on NewsNation after all. Last week, The Daily Mail reported that Robach had finalized a $1 million contract with the cable news outlet after months off the air. However, on Friday The Sun reported that Robach decided not to take that job after all, feeling it wasn't a good fit.

Robach and her GMA3 co-anchor T.J. Holmes made headlines last fall when it was reported that they were having a secret affair while both married to separate people. It later turned out that they were both already in the process of separating from their spouses, but the perceived scandal was deemed a "distraction" by ABC News and the two were fired nonetheless. They were given large severance packages and have not been in a huge rush to get back on the air, though according to last week's reports, they have pitched a few particular ideas that would put them on the air together. However, insiders said that NewsNation only wanted Robach while passing on Holmes.

Sources close to Robach told The U.S. Sun this weekend that Robach is not working with NewsNation after all – in fact, they said the entire report was fabricated. They said: "There is no truth to this deal and no one around Amy has any idea where this false NewsNation info came from."

The reports from last week were extremely detailed – they said that Robach was working on a weekly talk show with "different newsmakers and human interest stories around the world." It even had a working title – Robach & Co – and a tentative premiere date for January. However, these reports were unconfirmed at the time and neither Robach nor NewsNation ever gave a comment on the record.

Robach and Holmes stayed on the trending topic for much of last fall and winter after they were spotted on a secluded getaway in upstate New York. The two were married separately, but viewers quickly observed their on-screen chemistry and began making memes out of the alleged affair. There was a lot of material to work with since the two co-anchored the third hour of Good Morning America and made other content together, such as marathon training.

Robach and Holmes are still together and are living in New York City while they contemplate their career futures. Both have moved forward with divorce from their respective spouses. Right now there is no reliable report about their return to TV.