Amy Robach Reportedly Signs 'Million-Dollar Contract' for New TV Show After 'Good Morning America' Exit

The anchor is reportedly taking on a new job without her former co-anchor T.J. Holmes.

Amy Robach is reportedly closing a massive deal with NewsNation that will put her back on the air for the first time since her cheating scandal broke in November of 2022. Sources told The Daily Mail that Robach is finalizing a $1 million contract with NewsNation and that she will only be on the air one day per week. So far these reports have not been confirmed by Robach, NewsNation or any secondary sources.

Robach will reportedly join NewsNation for a "talk show style" role that will not have her on the air as often as her old job at Good Morning America. Furthermore, insiders claimed that NewsNation was originally negotiating to get Robach and T.J. Holmes both under contract. However, in the end the network ended its talks with Holmes but moved forward with Robach.

Robach's show will air on a weekly basis and will reportedly find her sitting down to interview "different news makers" and cover "human interest stories around the world." It will air on primetime and will not have a co-host or co-anchor for Robach.

Most fans probably assumed Robach and Holmes would come as a package deal after their explosive exit from Good Morning America and ABC News. The co-anchors were both married separately when The Daily Mail published paparazzi photos of them together on a romantic vacation. Later, it was revealed that both stars were already separated from their spouses at the time, but that didn't stop fans from looking back on years' worth of on-screen chemistry and speculating on social media.

Insiders at NewsNation said that many employees are not pleased about Robach's contract. They noted that the network has hired several on-air reporters who were fired by other networks, including Chris Stirewalt and Chris Cuomo. They said: "It doesn't do our reputation any good. It makes it look like we are a dumping ground for people who can't get a bigger and better job elsewhere."

"There is no doubt that Amy is talented," they went on. "But the general feeling in the building is that she has too much baggage and the company should be going after talent who have not been fired from other networks."

So far, reports of Robach's new gig have not been confirmed officially. There's no telling when fans might see her back on screen.