'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Kills off First Major Character

American Horror Story: Apocalypse just killed off it first major character of the season in bizarre fashion.

Spoilers for American Horror Story season 8 ahead.

Viewers saw numerous small characters die in the first episode of AHS season 8, such as Bill Eichner's Brock, due to the apocalyptic event. However, episode 2 featured the first major death thus far.

Aging aristocrat Evie Gallant (Joan Collins) died in one of the final scenes of the episode. She was inadvertently killed by her grandson, played by Evan Peters.

The setup for the death is rather peculiar. The grandson, known only as Mr. Gallant, has sex with a man inside the infamous "Rubber Man" costume early in the episode. He presumes Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) is inside the costume, due to a sexual-tinged conversation the pair has early in the episode.

However, the identity of Rubber Man is never confirmed.

Michael later ignores an advance from Mr. Gallant, denying he had sex with him. He adds that he would not have sex with the "needy" Mr. Gallant "even if he was the last man on Earth." The young hairdresser becomes enraged at the denial, which he presumes to be a lie.

In one of the episode's final scenes, the Rubber Man shows up to Mr. Gallant's room once again. They begin to engage in intercourse, with Mr. Gallant throwing Rubber Man onto the bed and mounting him. He then quotes Michael's earlier "last man on Earth line" before violently stabbing Rubber Man with a pair of scissors several times in the chest.

Michael then walks into the bedroom in his normal clothing. Mr. Gallant is shocked and looks back at the bed. In place of Rubber Man, Evie is shown dead on the bed with multiple stab wounds to the chest. To be clear, Rubber Man is gone and in his place is Evie, despite viewers seeing Rubber Man being stabbed by Mr. Gallant.

It unclear how exactly this switch happened, but it is clear something supernatural is afoot.

It is unclear if Evie will come back for any flashbacks or as a ghost, which is a regular occurrence on AHS.

However, Collins has been spotted on the set of the series sporting a wildly different look from Evie's. This would presumably imply that she is returning later on in a second role.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.


Photo Credit: FX