'American Horror Story' Gives Another Taste of What Kathy Bates' Character Is Cooking Up

She portrayed Madame Delphine LaLaurie in Coven, but Kathy Bates is promising to cook up something new with her American Horror Story: Apocalypse character Ms. Meade.

Oscar winner Kathy Bates has become a regular on FX's popular horror anthology series American Horror Story, having taken on a total of four separate roles over the course of the past seven seasons, and a new teaser released Monday is cluing fans into her newest role: Ms. Meade.

The short clip shows little more than Bates-in-character stirring a pot, and while it may be hinting at the fact that Ms. Meade is a cook, the right-hand woman to Sarah Paulson's Venable, the organizer and strict leader of survivalist bunker Outpost 3, also seems to have a liking for violence.

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In the first full-length trailer for Apocalypse, the anthology series' eighth installment, Ms. Meade was seen playing cards with Venable, the two discussing the distorted feministic view of the survivalist bunker.

"Strangely satisfying, isn't it?" Venable asked as scenes of the two torturing their male counterparts in the bunker flashed. "Dispensing punishment. It's our world now to remold as we see fit."

Ms. Meade's dark tendencies also seem to lead her to Anti-Christ Michael Langdon, a second scene showing the two together as Ms. Meade proclaims "Hail Satan."

Bates briefly teased her new character and the upcoming season, the series' eighth installment, when speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Sometimes you'll do shows and you're in the baby pool, you know, it's not very deep. You're kind of trying to make something out of it," Bates said. "This, I feel, every time you read the scripts, you just go, 'Oh, I didn't notice that.' And this season, I have to say, maybe it's my character but I've gotten really obsessed about figuring out every word I don't know.

She continued, "Part of that is the internet because you get to look up stuff and it leads you down these rabbit holes and stuff. I've been kind of obsessed you know, but it's been good. I feel like, in a way, it's taken me back to when I first started working in the theatre."

Throughout the course of AHS, Bates has channeled her energy into bringing to life four other separate characters, her first appearance being that of Madame Delphine LaLaurie, a 19th century serial killer, in Coven. She has also portrayed Ethel Darling in Freak Show, Iris in Hotel, and Agnes Mary Winstead in Roanoke.


Fans will have to wait until Apocalypse premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on FX to see Kathy Bates back in action as Ms. Meade.