AMC Reveals 'The Son' to End After Season 2

AMC has revealed that The Son, a western drama series starring Pierce Brosnan, will end after Season 2.

According to Variety, the second and final season of The Son will debut on April 27 at 9 p.m. ET.

The series, which premiered on AMC on April 8, 2017, is based on a 2013 Philipp Meyer book of the same name. It features Brosnan as "a Texas cattle baron who takes an interest in the oil industry."

In addition to Brosnan, the series co-stars Jacob Lofland (as Young Eli), Henry Garrett, Zahn McClarnon, Jess Weixler, Paola Núñez, Elizabeth Frances, and Sydney Lucas.

In a 2017 conversation with his After the Sunset and Some Kind of Beautiful co-star Salma Hayek for Interview, Brosnan spoke about the series, which at the time had just began airing.

"I play Colonel Eli McCullough, a man born out of violence," he explained when asked about the series. "His parents were pioneers, annihilated by the Comanche. He was kidnapped and brought up by the Comanche. So there's a duality to the man's psyche, a fractured mind and heart. We find him as a man in 1915 in Texas."

He later went on to say that, while "grew up in an Irish farming town...cowboys and Indians were the fabric of my life as a young lad."

"My grandmother used to have this family come around to the house, Ma Crutchey and her two sons. She would sharpen the knives and fix the pots, and her sons would teach me how to make the best bows and arrows and catapults. So it's always been in my heart to play in a Western. But this is not really a Western; it's a family saga," he went on to say.

Hayek then asked him, "As a kid, did you want to be the cowboy or the Indian?"

"The Indian, always," Brosnan replied. "There was something mystical and magical about them. There were two cinemas in town, and all week we'd anticipate going to the pictures on a Friday afternoon."


"To sit there with all your friends and the people of the town. To find out what was happening in the world through these little newsreels. And then, of course, the Western would take off," he continued. "But I never wanted to be an actor. That came later, in my teenage years."

The first season of The Son is currently available on Hulu for subscribers of the streaming service.