Exclusive: Alison Sweeney Teases Sami's 'Days of Our Lives' Return

Sami Brady is back! After exiting Days of Our Lives for a role behind the camera, actress Alison Sweeney couldn't be more excited to embody her iconic soap opera role once again.

During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Sweeney offered a tantalizing tease of how her character will return in episodes of the NBC show that will air in fall.

"I would just say that ... she comes back in a way that if you know Sami, this won't surprise you at all," she told PopCulture.

Since the announcement was made that Sweeney would be returning to the show she called home from 1993 until 2015, the Biggest Loser alum revealed she's been tickled by the passionate fan response.

"One thing I love about daytime is how passionate the fans are," she told PopCulture. "And you can tell that so much when just hearing that I'm coming back, fans immediately started guessing what the storyline is going to be and it hasn't even aired yet. ... And yet not only do they already think they know how it's going to go, they're already mad about it!"

She added, "It's just too fun to know I'm riling people up, and I hope they know I appreciate it and appreciate people's enthusiasm so much, but I also love that it's frustrating."

Coming back to the character of Brady was cathartic in many ways, she added, joking, "You realize I haven't cried or screamed or punched someone or been shot at in a long time!"

But the pressure of bringing back such a memorable character definitely weighed on her.

"It's stressful, because I care so much about the fans, about the show, and about Sami, so that it really matters to me that if I'm going to keep this character going and bring her back to town, that it goes well and it's fun. And you know Sami, nothing ever goes well," she told PopCulture.

The first day back on the set even brought with it butterflies in the seasoned actress' stomach.

"I was nervous and worried about having to memorize all those lines and all that," she told PopCulture. "And then I get there, and it's as though time stood still. It's as if I never left."

Most of the work Sweeney does nowadays is behind the camera, where she's executive producing a new movie franchise for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, The Chronicle Mysteries. She had previously headlined the Murder She Baked franchise for the network.

Written by Days of Our Lives crossover Melissa Salmons and starring Sweeney, the franchise surrounds Roberta "Robbie" McPherson, a novelist and podcaster looking into a a cold case in a small town.

"I love acting and that's something that's so important to me, but I sort of see myself as a storyteller," she told PopCulture. "So I love creating the whole concept behind the story and pulling in the characters."

When she's not on the set, or thinking of new characters, Sweeney is advocating for pet health, teaming up with Royal Canin for the Fight the Beg campaign, which helps to fight pet obesity through diet and exercise, even in her rescue pups Ozzy and Bean.


"It's really important to help [people] be aware that giving [pets] treats and table scraps and all that really is unhealthy to our pets that we love so much," Sweeney said. "Health and wellness is just something we all should keep talking about and not give up on. It's funny, because it's so simple. It's kind of the way you take care of yourself — portion control, measuring out the recommended feeding amount, talking to your vet about what's healthiest for your pet ... and exercise."

Photo Credit: NBC