'9-1-1' Season 2 Midseason Premiere Trailer Teases Grim Fate for Major Characters

When 9-1-1 finally returns next month for the second half of Season 2, possibly with a Sharknado crossover.

In the 30-second preview, FOX delivered a quick tease of several crazy 9-1-1 emergencies for the rest of the season, from flying tractor trailers crashing into cars to a nurse dying on top of a patient. One emergency involved a shark jumping onto the 101 Freeway to bite a person's arm off. Every major character puts their life on the line.

"Live fast, die young," firefighter Howie "Chimney" Han (Kenneth Choi) said at the end of the trailer. "Pull some folks out of a burning building in slow-mo."

9-1-1, which was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck and Tim Minear, tells the story of emergency responders in Los Angeles. Angela Bassett stars as LAPD Patrol Sergeant Athena Grant and Peter Krause plays LAFD Captain Robert "Bobby" Nash. Other members of the cast include Oliver Stark, Aisha Hunds, Kenneth Choi and Rockmund Dunbar.

The second season brought on Jennifer Love Hewitt as Maddie Kendall, the sister of Stark's Buck. She replaced Connie Britton's Abby Clark, whom Buck had a romantic relationship with until she left at the end of Season 1.

The door is open for Britton's return, since her character was not killed off, but there is no word on if that would happen since Britton is busy with other projects.

In an interview with PopCulture.com in October, Stark said he had his "fingers crossed" for a Britton return.

"I hope so, both professionally and personally," Stark said. "But, I understand that she's very busy, but she had a lot of fun on the show, I know that is also true, and obviously has a great relationship with our writers and everything, so yeah I have my fingers crossed."

In that same interview, Stark promised more brother-sister bonding time between Maddie and Buck. After all the characters live in the same apartment.

"She steps in and from day one, really brought her A game, and is a lot of fun to have around as well," Stark explained. "Our relationship is very much, and was immediately very much an almost sibling relationship. We were making fun of each other, but in a very caring way, and yeah, I feel really lucky to get to play those scenes out with her."

Season 2 also introduced Ryan Guzman as firefighter Eddie Diaz. At first, Buck and Diaz were rivals, but they became comfortable working together quickly.

"I'm glad that, even by the end of the first episode really, the writers have moved us past [the rivalry]," Stark said. "I feel like in a lot of TV shows, that... constantly competing would have stayed for a long time, and maybe got a little tiresome. But we were able to move past that very quickly, which I think is true to life. These firefighters have to have each other's back, and be able to trust each other completely."


9-1-1 returns on Monday, March 18 on FOX.

Photo credit: FOX