'9-1-1': Bobby and Athena Get Married During Season 2 Finale

The second season finale of 9-1-1 was incredibly dramatic, with Bobby's past coming back to bite him just before fans learned if he could finally go back to being captain. However, the real surprise of the episode came at the very end, when Bobby and Athena married.

The episode, "This Life We Chose," kicked off as many 9-1-1 episodes do, with a series of 911 calls coming in for the team to investigate. This time, the first major emergency was looking at a backpack left at a school playground. A bomb squad was called in to detonate the backpack, and the questionable substance in it turned out to be tuna fish. When a teacher asked the student why she didn't tell anyone, she said she doesn't like tuna.

After the main title, Athena Grant (Angela Bassett) and Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) talked with Athena's children about their wedding. The kids love the idea, but Athena's son Harry had just one request: he did not want to wear a tuxedo.

Meanwhile, Eddie Diaz's (Ryan Guzman) parents tried to convince him to leave Los Angeles and go back to Texas after his wife's death. He shot down the idea because he does not want his son's life to change again.

Later, stunt driver Roy (Steve Wilcox) got his hair wound in his car's engine. When his wife turned the car on, the engine began turning, pulling his scalp off his head. The rescue turned out to be harder than the team thought, and they had to damage his car. Roy claimed he did the whole thing to impress his wife, who thought he was crazy.

After that incident, Buck (Oliver Stark) checked out a new home with his girlfriend Ali (Tiffany Dupont). The realtor thought they were together, but Buck corrected her. He's looking for a new place, hinting that his sister Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) might need a new place to live.

Buck and the team next rushed off to help a social media influencer who tried to show how to pop a pimple on Instagram Live. Unfortunately, a maggot came out and she fell over and broke a bone. Thankfully for her, the team was there to help.

But not everything was great. Harry came home to find a suspicious package left there, and his father Michael (Rockmond Dunbar) told him not to touch it. Athena rushed home, where an ATF officer told her she received the fourth bomb from a mail bomber. A judge she knows was already killed earlier in the day.

The ATF officer suggested it might be linked to the restaurant fire that Bobby and Athena investigated together right after he arrived in Los Angeles. The restaurant owner died recently, and his son Freddie is now the suspect. While the ATF searched Bobby's house and found nothing, Bobby realized they might have missed searching the firehouse. But the bomb was actually placed on a ladder truck and went off with Buck and Chimney (Kenneth Choi) inside. Freddie was at the scene, and saw Buck struggling to escape. "You're new," he said.

Freddie, wearing a bomb vest, kept yelling for Bobby, and refused to let Buck move. Chimney tried to tell Freddie he is now the captain, but insisted Bobby come out. He eventually did, and tried to calm him down. They brought Freddie's mother out so Bobby could apprehend him. The bomb squad came out to arrest him, giving the team a chance to help Buck.

The team had to lift the ladder truck to save Buck, but their strength was not enough. So onlookers came in to help and Buck was pulled to safety. Everyone applauded as Buck was rushed to an ambulance.

When Buck came to at the hospital, Carla (Cocoa Brown) brought him up to date on what the doctors did. The doctors told him he would walk again, but he was worried he might never work as a firefighter again.

The next day, Bobby was back in uniform at the firehouse. Everyone was excited to see him back, and it seemed like things would be back to normal. But Eddie knew better, because there will be changes.

When Buck came home, Ali shared her concerns about him wanting to go back to saving lives after he's healed. Ali said she wasn't asking him to quit, but just was not sure if she would be prepared.

At the end, Maddie showed up to tell Chimney she wanted another shot at a relationship. The two kissed, so it does not look like Maddie plans to leave any time soon.

Next, Maddie tried to help Buck get ready for a ceremony to mark Eddie officially joining the firefighter force. He told her his doctor wants to do another surgery, and he wants it as soon as possible so he could go back to being a firefighter. But the doctor wanted him to wait. Maddie told him people will still love him if he isn't a firefighter.

Next up was a montage of the team and their families celebrating together. Bobby then rushed into Athena's home and suggested they get married right away. They went to the courthouse, tied the knot and kissed to end the season.


9-1-1 will return in Fall 2019.

Photo credit: FOX