'9-1-1' Sets Season 6 Return Date on Fox

Fans of Fox's hit drama series 9-1-1 will be excited to learn that the network has announced when the show will return with all new episodes of Season 6. According to TV Line, the show will return Monday, March 6. The outlet also noted that executive producer Kristen Reidel recently teased where the show will pick up with certain storylines, such as Buck (Oliver Stark) learning that the friends he served as a sperm donor for are pregnant with a child.

"Some of the things that we'll explore in the back half with Buck is, what was it that made him say yes? What does he want his role to be? Because obviously every circumstance is different," Reidel told TV Insider. "Some sperm donors never know their kids, their kids never know them. Others, they do. There's gonna be a little bit of navigating that and Buck maybe asking some questions he probably should have asked before he said yes. But now he's faced with the reality of "there's going to be a child and I gotta figure this out."

When it comes to Hen (Aisha Hinds) and Karen (Tracie Thoms), the 9-1-1 Season 6 fall finale left them seemingly in a good place, after having to face questions that Denny had about his biological mom, however, they were unaware he'd already visited his birth father. "Karen was always worried about this day," Reidel shared. "And so in a lot of ways, I think Karen is better prepared for this than Hen is because Karen's already [thought] out the worst case scenarios in her mind. It's definitely going to be a difficult time, as part of Denny's journey of wanting to know who he is and where he comes from, but the two of them can band together and help him on that journey."

Lastly, Bobby's (Peter Krause) substance abuse sponsor's death sparked an investigation into the rehab facility that was located near where his body was discovered. "He's pretty deep into it, but he is not into it alone" when the season picks back up, per Reidel. "What you'll see in the back half of the season is that it's become a little bit of a family project – Athena's [Angela Bassett] involved and even May [Corinne Massiah] is involved. They have been looking at this rehab facility. They have been investigating it. What they're finding is it's actually a very difficult place to take down: They've had complaints, they've had other deaths, and the place is still going."