'1000-lb Sisters' Star's Grandfather Was Infamously Murdered

Amy Slaton discusses in an episode of TLC's 1000-lb Sisters that her late grandfather's death is featured in a book titled Murder in the Heartland, which details the case. Murder in the Heartland is a collection of stories about murders that occurred in the states of Missouri, Kentucky, and Illinois during the early 1900s. Amy Slaton's grandfather's death is one of those stories which are included in the book. In an episode of the TV show, Amy saw a likeness between her grandfather's appearance and that of her brother Chris' appearance, even though her grandfather had passed away before Amy was born. During the same episode, Chris is seen helping his sister during the last stages of her second pregnancy. At the same time, Tammy Slaton, their sister, also gets approved for weight loss surgery in the episode.

A chapter entitled "The Anti-Freeze Murder (Shawneetown, IL)" is found in the 2003 bookMurder in the Heartland, written by Harry Spiller. This story tells how Charles H Ellis murdered his father in 1986 when he fed him antifreeze. There are 20 case files included in the book, including "The Anti-Freeze Murder" story that begins on page 106. During episode 5 of 1000-lb Sisters season 4, Amy mentioned that she was due to give birth to her second child within a week. The TV star expressed concern over how she would be able to "keep up" with her kids, and that she was going to have to put more emphasis on her health in the future.

Afterward, Amy's brother, Chris Combs, arrived at her home to help Amy create the vegetable garden that she wanted to plant. She said, "Chris looking like our grandpa. I ain't hating him for it though. He died before I was born." Amy added, "He drank antifreeze and he passed away. My uncle fed it to him. There's a book about it, Murder in the Heartlands, I think it's volume two." Charles T Ellis, Amy Slaton's grandfather, passed away on November 20, 1986, at St Mary's hospital in Evansville, Indiana. An excerpt from a local newspaper indicated that Charles T Ellis's son, Charles H Ellis, 30, was charged with three counts of murder in connection with his father's death. Despite Amy and Tammy losing some of their loved ones, the sisters appear on the show every episode alongside many of their friends and family members, including Chris, Amanda, and Misty, as well as their husbands, Michael and Caleb.