‘Days of Our Lives’ Producer Teased Major ‘Changes’ Day Before Entire Cast Was Released From Contract

It was reported on Tuesday that the entire cast of Days of Our Lives has been released from their contracts, with TV Line reporting that the long-running soap opera will go on an indefinite hiatus at the end of the month. One day before the news was announced, the show's executive producer Ken Corday teased a few things that fans can expect, though one comment may ring a bit differently now that the cast has been released from their contracts.

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On Monday's episode, the show saw a time jump, which Corday described as "a great way to reset things in Salem."

"It will be a catalyst for many more [changes] to follow," he added, possibly alluding to a change in the cast or the fact that the show is taking a major break.

Days of Our Lives' time jump was teased at the end of the Nov. 8 episode and saw the events of the soap opera move one year into the future.

"It'll shake things up," said Deidre Hall, who plays Dr. Marlena Evans, adding that she thinks the twist is "fun." "It will remind people of things that used to be going on [in Salem]." Hall shared that she believes the show's upcoming storylines will "reunite our fans." "People will call their friends: 'Did you see what happened?'" she said.

Sony Pictures Television and NBC are currently in negotiations to renew their shows, though the studio is not involved with cast negotiations, according to a Sony source.

"The actor deals are through Corday Productions," the source said, referencing the soap's production company.


Another source pointed out that Days of Our Lives shoots eight months in advance and would technically have enough episodes to air through summer 2020 should it be renewed. If that happens, production will likely resume in March 2020, though it's unclear who could return, since the actors were released from their contracts and would have to re-sign if the show continues.

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