New 'SNL' Not on Tonight, NBC Re-Airing Eddie Murphy Episode Instead

Although it feels like Saturday Night Live just got back from its winter beak, the show is on another two-week beak beginning this weekend. That means NBC is re-airing Eddie Murphy's already-classic episode from Dec. 21, 2019. The series will not return with a new episode until Leap Day, Feb. 29.

Murphy made his long-awaited SNL return, hosting the show first the first time since 1984 to help promote his Netflix movie Dolemite Is My Name. The appearance was central to his comeback tour, which is rumored to include a return to stand-up comedy and Netflix specials in the future.

The SNL episode was a nostalgia-drenched affair, with Murphy bringing back many of his classic characters with modern twists. The new Mister Robinson's Neighborhood sketch parodied gentrification in New York City, while Gumby crashed "Weekend Update." Buckwheat showed up in a Masked Singer parody and Velvet Jones popped up as a Black Jeopardy contestant.

Murphy did get to try out some new characters. One of the best sketches of the night was "North Pole News Report," in which he played an elf who desperately wanted to make sure he was not blamed for a tragic accident in Santa's workshop. The "Holiday Baking Championship" sketch was also funnier than written thanks to Murphy accidentally cursed when yelling at his monstrous cake.

Murphy's monologue was also a classic, with Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle making surprise appearances. Morgan ended up stealing the scene by making a joke out of his near-fatal traffic accident.

"Right now, you'e looking at half of Netflix's budget," Chappelle joked, referencing the deals Rock, Chappelle and Murphy have with the steamer.

"Not me, not me! I made all my money on the road," Morgan said.

"You mean touring?" Murphy asked.

"No, I got hit by a tuck!" Morgan replied as Murphy struggled to keep a straight face.

Muphy's episode also featured two performances from Lizzo. She performed "Truth Hurts" and "Good As Hell," and also appeared in a cut-for-time sketch with Aidy Bryant.

SNL will be back for two new episodes on Feb. 29 and March 7. John Mulaney is returning to host an episode for the third consecutive year, with David Byrne as musical performer on Feb. 29. James Bond star Daniel Craig will host the March 7 episode, with The Weeknd performing.


SNL airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo credit: NBC